Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How Late Will You Stay up For Your Brewers?

I want to take this time to share with you how diehard I am about the certain teams that I root for. Of course, I like to think that overall I'm a diehard fan for all Wisconsin sports, but as we all know it's impossible to catch every single game of every single team that you like. So here is my chart of the teams I actively root for, and at what lengths I will go to watch a game.

Green Bay Packers: At all costs. Will go to games whenever opportunity is presented, both at home and on the road. Radio is unacceptable, I must have TV access if not at the stadium. If for some reason, I have to work during game, the only acceptable situation is working as a reporter covering the team, which I haven't had to do for a long time. If working during the game at another job, I will actively phone in my duties and try to find updates as quickly as possible, while complaining the entire time until I am allowed to go home.

Milwaukee Bucks: Will go to the game if tickets are cheap, or I get them for free. Will catch as many games as possible, but will also resort to checking score periodically online if something else is on or if I am busy. Try to watch as much as I can, but do not panic if I have to miss a game.

Wisconsin Badgers Football: Have had to work Saturdays for a long time, looking forward to not having to work Saturdays this upcoming fall. Will watch every game I can, not as intently as Packer games. Enjoy the game on the radio, as I think Matt Lepay has the best voice. Often will miss the start of 11am games, as I am sleeping through a hangover, but will being watching by second quarter. Can be interrupted easily if game is against lesser opponents, or if Badgers don't have shot at a good bowl later in the season.

Wisconsin Badgers Hoops: Rarely will catch games at the beginning of the season unless it's the ACC / Big Ten Challenge, against a formidable opponent, or if I have nothing else to do. Watch as many conference games as possible, but missing them isn't a big deal. Must watch all March Madness games, will adjust schedule to do so.

Marquette Golden Eagles: Will watch game if nothing else is on. Follow scores intently, but rarely do I find the time to sit down and watch a full game. Would rather watch Badgers or Bucks. During tournament, and in cases where tournament bid is on the line, will do whatever is necessary to be able to watch a game.

Buffalo Sabres: Will watch regular season games when possible. Will make a strong effort to watch meaningful and playoff games. Am content with checking scores on my phone if necessary.

Milwaukee Iron, Milwaukee Admirals, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, Milwaukee Wave, the rest of the rest: Keep an eye on teams, but more or less on accident. Will go to the game if I get credentialed or if is part of bachelor party.

Tampa Bay Rays, Memphis Grizzlies: Teams I like outside of Wisconsin, which is allowed as they are in different conferences than Brewers, Bucks. Will follow throughout the season, and then watch as many playoff games as possible. This is able to be done because Wisconsin team is usually eliminated by then. Rays will be liked casually for a long time, as they are just one of those teams I like. Grizzlies fever will die when brother stops working for them.

Milwaukee Brewers: Must stay actively updated during every game, realize that not all games can be watched, but I must also know updates if unable to watch. Will watch game as much as possible when given the opportunity. Will go to games when possible as much as I can. Will do whatever it takes to watch, go to, playoff games. Quit job in La Crosse to come back closer to Milwaukee so that I could go to 2008 playoff games (only half-joking there). Lose interest late in the season if their playoff hopes are shot and the Packers season starts. My second favorite team behind the Packers. Will not go to bed, however, if game is still being played.

So there you have it. And yes, I did just write that whole description just for the final sentence. No matter what is going on for me the next morning, I just can not go to bed if the Brewers are still on. I was tired as hell last night, but I was actively rooting for the Crew to tie things up, force extras, and then that would allow me to stay up until three. But it didn't happen, because the Brewers couldn't get anything done offensively. They had their best chance probably in the eighth, but the power hitters couldn't deliver. Randy Wolf didn't pitch great, but he did throw well enough that we should have earned a victory out of the deal. I'll give him the POTG by default.

The Crew is back in action again tonight, late, as they travel south to San Diego. Milwaukee is 20-22 right now, so I'd love to see a two game series sweep to put them back at .500, but realistically I am hoping for a series split. Something about these West Coast trips just make our bats get limp, hopefully that can turn around tonight.

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