Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If This is Your Trunk, You Suck

Oh boy, did the "Where's Bernie?" promotion get out of hand. File this under the All-Time Great Backfires Department (do people still say that phrase, cause if they do, they shouldn't). FSN Wisconsin has been hyping up this contest for weeks, the contest where you would have been able to find Bernie Brewer gnomes throughout the state of Wisconsin. The thing about a contest like this is that there are a ton of people who are what we here at The Bucky Channel like to call "douchebags". As in the people that were up at 5am Tuesday morning looking for these things in bulk, spoiling the fun for a lot of other people. Vince at Miller Park Drunk has a little stronger choice of words for these people, and Wisconsin Sports Tap has their take on what happened as well. Both are quality reads, even though it's still a shame that this little contest manage to steal the thunder on Tuesday from Corey Hart and his three home run performance.


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