Sunday, May 8, 2011

No Rap Today, Back to Haikus

If any of you have ever meet a couple of your buddies out in the town of where you all went to college, then you will understand why my brain is not at the level of putting together words to talk about the Brewers. That's the excuse, the real reason is that I'm just tired of talking about the Brewers right now after watching them lose a week's worth of games and then another one on Sunday, this time 3-1 against St. Louis. Yeah, the one hitter was cool on Saturday, but even if John Merrick had a good personality that doesn't mean he wasn't ugly anymore (there are not enough Elephant Man references these days). But we'll do a quick haiku and a POTG, and then I'm going to sleep the rest of this hangover away.

Tough week for the Brew
Getting owned by pitchers, but...
Kyle McClellan?

POTG: We'll give it to Narveson. He pitched well enough. Just no support from the offense. Could have been Counsell for the RBI, but I think he needs to retire. So, Narveson.


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