Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Staying Up Late Finally Worth It

Nine o'clock start times have always been a challenge for Brewers fans. Unless you're unemployed or work afternoons, it's not too often that you'll be awake by the end of the ninth inning. If you do make that decision to stay up a little later than normal, you want to be rewarded for it with a Brewers victory. Nobody likes staying up later than they wanted to only to go to bed disappointed.

If that was you on Monday Night, then you were rewarded with not only a Brewers victory, but a kind of victory you're just not used to seeing. A road victory, for one. Also, it feels like the Brewers never win on the West Coast trips. Not only that, but John Axford picked up a road save, his first of the year. Your decision was rewarded, as you went to bed knowing that the Brewers earned a solid 2-1 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Offensively, yeah, this game was a bit frustrating. The Brewers left 14-some runners on base, with Carlos Gomez having quite an affinity for the cause. But what was lacking on offense was made up for in the field, including by the aforementioned Gomez who robbed Juan Uribe of a home run in the second. Behind some solid defense and a great night out of Shaun Marcum (7IP, 5H, 1ER, 4K) the Brewers were able to grab the first game of the two game set and improve to 20-21 on the season. Not the best record, but a hell of a lot better than where they were last week. The Crew has been playing quite well lately, winning seven of their last nine and back to within four of the NL Central leading Cincinnati Reds.

After the performance last night, will you take the risk again of staying up late to watch another game? I know I will be.

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Crew burning midnight oil
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Chris Richards said...

I will be up and watching the next three nights.

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