Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sweeps Don't Get More Exciting Than That

As a bachelor party trip found me in the Wisconsin Dells this weekend, catching portions of the Brewers games this weekend was tough to do. Between the drinking, the golfing, the gambling, the horrendous experience of Dells cab services, the strip clubs (a column focusing on why I hate strip clubs and why the Dells is overrated is definitely in the works) I admittedly didn't see much of the Brewers three-game sweep over the Colorado Rockies. I definitely saw the highlight of the weekend however, Prince's 14th inning blast on Friday night, but this is the kind of series where I wish I would have been able to soak in every moment. Let's catch up on the games that we missed with a round of haikus and some POTG awards.

Friday - Brewers 7, Rockies 6

The Crew tied things late
But the Rockies would not quit
Enter Prince. Game Over.

POTG: Prince Fielder

Saturday - Brewers 3, Rockies 2 

Crew takes the quick lead
Marcum in control from there
How good is this guy?

POTG: Shaun Marcum

Sunday - Brewers 3, Rockies 1 

Going for the sweep
Crew struggle batting, two hits
Still manage to win

POTG: Randy Wolf

We should also give special love to John Axford, who earned both Saturday and Sunday. What a great overall weekend for this team. They were able to win when they were outhit. They were able to get spectacular performances off the mound. And they were able to fit back and win the one late on Friday. What a sensational series it was, and with it, Milwaukee is now back over .500 at 24-23, 3 1/2 games back in the NL Central.

We did miss the Thursday 1-0 loss to the Padres in our Player of the Game standings, but Chris Narveson picked up the honors for that game.

The Crew is back in action Monday night for a three game set against the Washington Nationals.


nick said...

great series, they seem to be putting that road trip behind them. don't look now but they're 8-2 in their last 10 games.

overall, I felt that it could have gone either way. Game 1 was a crapshoot and luckily the Crew won, mostly because Colorado had used up all their good relievers by the 14th, of course some of that was rawwwwr Prince

Game 3 Jiminez pitched much better than Wolf, but Wolf was getting super lucky with like half the balls in play getting hit right at Gomez. I'm really happy that for once one of those types of games winds up in the crew's favor!!!

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