Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two Quick Blog Related Items

My Computer is Finally Back in My Possession - It's been two months since I've been able to post from my own laptop, having to resort to the laptops of friends and family members and the work computers instead of scribbling thoughts down via the keys of my Sony Vaio. But Best Buy has finally decided to return to me what's rightfully mine, and I couldn't be happier. This will mean more time that I have internet access, which will mean more posting. That's a good thing.

T-Shirts Are Done - Three years later, and t-shirts are finally in the process of being made. They are cool and I wanted to show them to you but my computer won't let me upload pictures now. Thanks, Sony! I'm sure that's a kink I'll figure out in a little bit here, and then I'll share them with you. A lot of the shirts in the first batch have already been won by people through contests and other giveaways, so I'll see how many more I have left over for more contests. A second batch should come shortly after the first is gone. I'm excited for these.


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