Friday, June 10, 2011

As Temperature Drops, Offense Cools as Well

I've always liked Gweeds strategy of putting up pictures of people that were at the Bucks game instead of a picture of the Bucks after games that they had lost. Coincedentally, many of the pictures that he would put up were of Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun, so I thought it'd be fitting again to show these two continue their budding loving relationship. This picture is far better to me than the alternative, which would be showing a photo of the Mets beating the Brewers 2-1 at Miller Park on Thursday night, causing Milwaukee to lose a series at home for the first time since the last week in April (vs. the Reds from the 25th to the 27th).

The Mets offense was able to get to Gallardo, and get to him early. Yovani lasted just four innings and in that time gave up ten hits. He was able to put a bandaid over the damage somewhat by only allowing four runs off of those ten hits, but those four runs would be more than the enough for the Mets this time around. Credit the Brewers bullpen however for allowing just one hit the rest of the game, courtesy of Tim Dillard, Sergio Mitre, and Marco Estrada.

The Brewers lone run on Thursday was drived in by - you guessed it - Prince Fielder. He's really been the only one producing at the plate as of late, and outside of the two through four spots last night, the offense was a black hole. A lot of criticism is falling at the hands of Casey McGehee, who was back in the five-hole and now is back on another hitless streak. It's been a tough go of things for McGehee, and as the Brewers head to some American League ballparks in the next couple of weeks, I'd have to agree with the guys at Bernie's Chalet that we can expect to see Mat Gamel getting some regular at-bats soon, possibly in said five-hole.

Life away was good
Come back home, cooling down some
Rebound and crush Cards!

POTG: Prince Fielder. Thought about a courtesy victory for a reliever like Dillard or Mitre, but Prince has to receive all the recognition possible for the tear he's been on lately.


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