Friday, June 17, 2011

Bill Hall Defends Fielder's Actions

We all remember it, and so have the San Francisco Giants I guess. With the news of Freddy Sanchez getting hurt, the Giants have signed former Brewer (and Red Sox/Mariner/Astro) Bill Hall to a contract. He seems to be fitting in nicely with his new team, and he was recently asked about the Fielder celebration that went down September 6, 2009. You have to read this for yourself, but Hall points out some surprising things about who was really behind this celebration. Also he talks about how Fielder is a really good man, and a family man. Click here to read what Bill Hall has to say.  It's a nice way to kill five minutes on a Friday, if nothing else. The funny part about all this is, why do the Giants still talk about it? They won the World Series who cares about what Fielder did in 2009? Oh well, the picture still cracks me up, and it remains one of my most favorite Brewers memories.


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