Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bogut Trade Rumors Are False

Unless the Bucks think his career is over from the injury he suffered from the picture above, Andrew Bogut will remain a Buck, and probably for a long long time. This guy is worth way more than the second overall pick in this draft. It seems that rumors are going around about Bogut and the 10th pick to the T-Wolves for the 2nd pick in the draft. That just makes no sense unless the Bucks know something crazy about Bogut that we don't. The guy was a walking double-double before he went down with that injury. I hope this off-season he will get healed 100%, and be able to play more physical again this coming season. I guess I don't see why they would trade the only center they have to get someone like Derrick Williams. No seriously, ?????

So lets just put these rumors to bed right now, and maybe I shouldn't even be justifying them in the first place. iF somehow thist does go down you can bet I won't do many Bucks posts this season, as they would have just made the worst trade of all time. Unless the Bucks know for a fact Bogut will never be the same again I would just let these trade rumors pass for now. Now if the number two pick was a LeBron, Kobe, Rose, or Love type player then count me in. I don't think Williams will be that great, but don't get me wrong he will be good. Just seems like a risk the Bucks can't afford to take, because fans need to see wins, and they need to see them now.

Oh, and Winks wanted me to tell you that Andrew Bogut just won Bucks Survivor for the third time in four years. So that's nice.


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