Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brew Crew Haiku

The question I poised earlier in the day was wondering how long I'd stay up for Brewers games considering how early I have to get up now. Well, the answer is until the game is over in the instances where Zack Greinke is dealing on the mound, as was the case in Tuesday's 5-1 victory against the Rays. With ten strikeouts and just one run allowed in seven innings, he obviously gets the Player of the Game. Credit the bullpen for locking it down after that, Yuniesky Betancourt for getting his fourth home run of the season, and the entire team for still having yet to lose back to back games at home this season. Now, while I did stay up for the game, I can't stay up for much longer than a haiku.

Greinke on the hill
Ten strikeouts with zero walks
Zack Attack is back


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