Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brewers Bomb in Bronx

Greinke gets destroyed
Brewers stupid on bases
Can we go home yet?

POTG: Mat Gamel, believe it or not.

Tough loss tonight, as the Brewers fall 12-2 to the Yankees. I'm not sure if the Brewers really are that distracted when they play in these historic stadiums or if the announcers just like to dwell on that storyline, but we do have a tendency to get killed in AL East stadiums. I'd like to see us win at least one of these next two games, but it's incredible how strong that Yankee lineup is. At one point during Tuesday's game I tried to picture these two matching up in the World Series, and then I remembered that our "ace" just got lifted after two innings. Tough game all around, let's just move on and regroup Wednesday.


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