Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brewers Comeback Masks Poor Mistakes

It was all smiles and "T's" after the Brewers 7-6 comeback victory against the Mets on Wednesday night, and the Brewers do have the right to celebrate this one as it was a game that they really should have been on the losing end of. But thanks to the power of Prince Fielder and the late-inning heroics of Tony Plush, all is well in Brewers country this afternoon.

The biggest concern though that I have coming out of this game is that Ron Roenicke is legitimately in love with Kameron Loe. We saw signs of this early in the season when Loe was used in like 14 of 15 straight games or something ridiculous like that. Now we're seeing Loe being the guy that Roenicke is relying on in the 8th inning, even though we may have better set up men in our very own bullpen (Zach Braddock? LaTroy Hawkins?). Loe has now blown saves in two of his last four appearances, and his effort in Wednesday night's game was atrocious. I had told my buddy through a text that "Loe isn't set up man material, but he's not a bad pitcher" at one point last night. Two seconds later, crack. Ronny Paulino hit a home run. Sigh.

Make no mistake about it, Wednesday night's victory was an amazing one, but the Brewers need to realize that they were lucky to have it. But hey, the good teams get lucky sometimes, and I'll take a win anyway we can get one.

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