Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brewers Fans and the Love of Overreacting

I love Brewers fans as much as the next person. Hell, I am a Brewers fan, and a big one at that. But there's a disturbing trend that I'm noticing among our fanbase, and that is a tendency to overreact a bit. I wondered the other day if all of our managers were stubborn coming into the gig, or if the nature of Brewers fans made them that way. I'm leaning towards the latter. Look, three days ago the Crew had three games on the Cardinals, and we were ready to declare them division champs already. Now, after getting swept by the Yankees, some within the fanbase are ready to concede the NL Central race once again. None of this is really surprising - we are the same people that thought it was time to look forward to 2012 after we started out 0-4.

Look, I know the Brewers have problems. They suck on the road, and there really is no excuse for that. But we can't be living and dying with every series as much as we have been, both good or bad. After that Twins series, we couldn't have been feeling better - on top of the NL Central with a three game lead. But then after Milwaukee got swept in the Bronx, the Twitterverse immediately exploded with the same kind of overreaction that we have all been guilty of all season. This brief post here is not intended to be a "fuck you" post to all of my fellow brethren, nor is it me trying to be pretentious and act like I'm above it. I'm not. I'm as guilty as overreacting as anyone else. I just think it's time that we, as a collective unit, realize that the baseball season is 162 games, and your future is not determined by your most recent three game clip.

Perhaps I'm overreacting in this very article, but I truly feel that we as Brewers fans are lacking a bit of the perspective that we should have. I couldn't even imagine what would happen if the Brewers went to Minnesota this weekend and got swept there as well. There would be calls for Roenicke's head, and there's no arguing that. I'm also not saying that every fan is this way, but the voice of the panicked gets louder and louder with every game. Maybe it's because we have the talent to be contenders and we're upset that we don't think we're living up to it, or maybe it's because we had a taste of the postseason three years ago and are dying to get back. I'm not sure what it is, but I'd like to see it change. Myself included.

As for the game that is causing some of this reaction, the Brewers lost 5-0. Former Brewer CC Sabathia (who I still think should have his number retired by Milwaukee) dominated his old mates, striking out 13 batters in a winning effort. But I say instead of dwelling on what happened in New York, we move on and worry about Minnesota. And if the Brewers struggle there as well, we move on to the next series. We're not even to the All-Star break yet. There will be a couple more losing streaks along the way, as there will be a couple more winning streaks. The race between St. Louis and Milwaukee (and perhaps a couple others) is going to come down to the final couple of weeks. Let's not lose sight of that fact, win or lose.

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