Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Capuano Shines in Miller Park Return

There was a consensus among Brewers fans - at least the ones that I talked to before the game - was that this just felt like a game where former Brewer Chris Capuano would come in, pitch well, and beat us. And even though the Brewers had the better pitcher in the game in Shaun Marcum, Capuano would be the one to earn the victory. It was a nice moment for Cappy, who had worked incredibly hard to get back to the big leagues after Tommy John surgery in 2008. But despite the good will I feel towards Capuano, this was a game that the Brewers wasted and that is nothing to feel good about.

Marcum was dealing on Tuesday night, going six innings in which he gave up just two hits. He was ultimately taken out for a pinch hitter in Craig Counsell, which in retrospect was maybe a bit too soon, although at that point he had thrown 108 pitches and did look a bit worn down while sitting in the dugout during the bottom of the sixth. But perhaps he could have done a better job than his replacement Marco Estrada, who gave up the Brewers lead in just one inning when Jose Reyes hit a 2-RBI triple. Things could have been even worse but Carlos Gomez had an amazing catch to rob Carlos Beltran of a two-run home run in the same inning. At that point though, it was already too late, and the Brewers wouldn't be able to get the job done.

In actuality, the offense is most likely to be blamed for this loss, and I don't see a problem with that. Prince Fielder had Milwaukee's only run with a solo shot in the top of the sixth, and other than that this game was full of strikeouts and men left on base. Casey McGehee has been absolute garbage in the five-hole, so much so that don't be surprised to see him removed from his position on Wednesday. The Brewers did muster up six hits on the evening, but none of them all too timely, and the Mets basically stole one from Milwaukee on this night.

So after a very impressive road-trip, the Brewers return home only to lose their first game back. Although, it may have felt like a road game with how hot things were in Wisconsin on Tuesday. Still, the Brewers have two more games against the Mets and then a weekend series against the Cardinals, so there is a very decent chance that Milwaukee could be leading the NL Central by this time next week.

Or, they could have a terrible week and fall behind miserably. Let's hope for the former.

Cappy comes back home.
Pitches well, but Prince bests him.
One hit not enough.

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