Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chicago Slows Down Brewers Momentum

Let me begin by saying that on a personal note, having to get up at 4:30am isn't very conducive to my life as a Brewers fan. Things changed a bit at the job which means so did my schedule, and that new schedule includes some early morning work. It's perfectly fine and a welcome change, however this new schedule also means that I need to go to bed earlier than I am used to, and that means that I may miss the tail end of Brewer games here and there and almost all of the late ones.

But if I was ever going to pick a series to miss, this would be it. Sure, the Brewers ended winning the one game start started late and the game that I missed the most of, but watching these games in Wrigley Field disgusts me more than anything else. I hate the Cubs, I hate the Cubs fans, I hate every single moment that they cheer for anything win or lose. They are a disgusting group of human beings, and I hate them. Except for our very own Turtle, he doesn't seem so bad. Vince Vaughn is a D though.

Anyway, I've already started ranting because it's past my new bedtime, but I suppose I should get back on topic and talk a little Brewers. Talk a little of the "new-look" Brewers, I should say. Honestly, it wasn't until two o'clock Thursday afternoon until I found out that not only did the Brewers bring up former La Crosse Logger Danny Herrera for Zach Braddock, but they also sent Wil Nieves down for George Kottaras. Kottaras made an impact in his first game back, but it wasn't all positive. He did hit a two-run blast in the 2nd inning, but he also struggled a bit defensively and helped the Cubs put some runs on the board early.

The Cubs put a lot of runs on the board actually on Thursday, beating the Brewers 12-7 courtesy of home runs from Aramis Ramirez, Kosuke Fukudome, and Alfonsio Soriano. Zach Greinke gave up eight runs, six of them earned, which a few of those coming off the three-run blast that Herrera allowed to the Japanese outfielder. It was a game that the Brewers were looking to win in order to at least tie the series, but instead the Cubs got the win and earned some pride back against their rivals ninety miles north.

Called up from minors
The recent callups struggle
Cubs take the series

POTG: Ryan Braun

We can end this hodgepodge posts on a positive note though and mention the Brewers 9-5 victory on Wednesday. Yeah, Chris Narveson imploded again, and yeah, Kameron Loe struggled again in the eighth, but the Brewers got the victory. Despite losing the series, the Cardinals have struggled against the Nationals this week as well so the Brewers will end the night either tied for first or still a full game in front. When you struggle this bad, try to acclimate new guys as soon as they're called back up, and get beat by a rival, still being able to say you're in first place after a series like that makes you feel pretty good. Here's the POTG and haiku for Wednesday:

Wish I saw the end
But a Crew victory is
Nice to wake up to

POTG: Corey Hart

Now normally I would stop the post there and end things on a high note, but the Brewers have to travel to Boston, host Tampa Bay and the Twins, and then travel to Yankee stadium in the next two weeks. Meanwhile, the Cardinals play the bottom half of the AL East and have the Royals in there as well, so this series against the Cubs was our opportunity to get some padding on the NL Central lead throughout the next two weeks. Hopefully the Brewers can impress against their old AL East opponents and keep their first place standing in tact, but when it all comes down to it between the Brewers and Cardinals, it could be their performances in interleague play that have the most impact on the standings.


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