Friday, June 17, 2011

Didn't This Happen Already?

If you're a Red Sox fan, make sure you buy tickets to any series that they play at Fenway against the Milwaukee Brewers. Not only will your team win, but they will also probably score at least ten runs while they do it. I'm not sure if it's intimidation - and as much as the Brewers PR tries to say that it's not it leads me to believe that it most definitely is - but the Brewers suck in Boston. They sucked there in 2008, and they are sucking there in 2011.

Things were a little different on Friday though, as the Brewers were in this game until about the fifth inning. That's an achievement in and of itself, as Shaun Marcum was pulled after one inning due to an apparent injury to his hip flexor. I've injured my hip flexor before, and while it's not devastating, it's just annoying. You can still function properly and you feel healthy, it's just that with a hip flexor injury, at least in my case, you feel a constant feeling of uncomfortableness and almost a clicking type sound when you try to manuever. Marcum should be fine by his next start, but it was disappointing to see him leave the game early, as he is one of the few players on this team who I wouldn't think is phased by the allure of Fenway (due to his time spent in Toronto).

So the Brewers lost 10-4, the pitching was terrible and the offense wasn't much better. Casey McGehee is somehow going to get our POTG, even though I thought all signs pointed to Mat Gamel being called up for this series and beyond as the DH/utility man role. Even though Milwaukee did get their ass kicked in Boston, my mantra remains that I will not get mad about this team while they are in first place, and the Cardinals lost 5-4 to Kansas City on Friday so the Brewers remain atop by one game. I know we sucked on Friday, but if we're in first, I really don't give a shit.

And yes, in case you haven't noticed, I'm overworked and overtired. I'm not exactly sure that this post makes sense. And if it doesn't, I have one request. Don't find all of the errors and then post them in the comments anonymously like a dick. Email me and tell me I fucked up and then I'll fix them. Thanks.

Brewers impression -
"Boston! OMG! SO BIG!
I'm nervous, let's suck!"


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