Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Greinke Performs, But Offense Gets Job Done

Zack Greinke has been picking up wins for the Brewers this season, but he hasn't really pitched yet like the Cy Young candidate that we thought he might be. He's been winning, yes, but he's also been getting a lot of run support. While the Brewers were blanked in Greinke's first game, they've average 6.6 runs per game since, a stat line that any pitcher would love to have, and a stat line that Greinke probably shouldn't need. But with an ERA of 5.29 on the season, Greinke hasn't been one to shy away from the run support. But Tuesday night was his best performance yet, as he pitched through six innings allowing two runs off of six hits. He did have three walks, which matched his total on the season, but he countered that with six strikeouts. Still, things did get a bit sketchy in the fourth inning when Greinke loaded the bases with no outs, thankfully he was able to work out of that and allow just the one run in the inning.

But, as the 7-2 final score would indicate, this game wasn't about Zack Greinke, but rather the offense. Almost miraculously, the Brewers found their offensive stroke on the road for once highlighted by an impressive four run outburst in the third inning. That would have been the same inning where Corey Hart hit a three run home run, and for his 2-for-4, 4 RBI performance he earns this evening's Player of the Game award.

It was good to see Corey Hart step up on this evening, as the heavy hitting duo of Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun went 0-for-7. When those two struggle, the rest of the team needs to step up. In addition to Hart, Rickie Weeks was one of those who also stepped up with an RBI and a two-hit evening. Nyjer Morgan also added an RBI and went for 2-for-3, and Jonathan Lucroy continued his power streak with his sixth home run of the season. For a team that has been struggling on the road this season, and one that has been finding it impossible to win in Cincinnati lately, to me the offense outburst was a bit more refreshing than the fact that Greinke had his best outing of the season.

The Brewers will attempt to do the impossible and take a series from Cincinnati in Cincinnati when the two teams square off Wednesday at 6:10pm.

Greinke delivers
To an extent, good enough
Offense wins the game

Elsewhere, the first tallies of the National League were released in regards to the All-Star game, and Ryan Braun leads the outfielders, which should come as no surprise. Rickie Weeks is second in voting at 2nd base, and Prince Fielder is third place at 1st, but both are about 300,000 votes back from the leaders, so it doesn't look like they'll be getting in via the fan vote. Do your part and vote, because just by voting once you'll have voted more times than I did.


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