Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kelvin Sampson To Detroit???

Even Kelvin Sampson looks confused about all the talking going on about him going to Detroit. I guess Mike Woodson is the top runner for the head coaching job of the Pistons, but Sampson seems to be giving him a run for his money. I know it might be a homer pick, but I think Sampson will be one hell of a coach. He took a guy like Brandon Jennings under his wing, and while Jennings might not be the best player in the league, he is calm and cool for his age which you have to attribute a bit to Kelvin Sampson.

Sampson, I think, is the kind of guy that learned a lot from what went down at Indiana. He seems to be a coach that players would believe, and learn from. The Pistons had a lot of issues last season with players giving up, and not trusting the coach. I really think Sampson would be a guy that could fill this role very nicely. Do I want this move to happen? No not at all, because I want him to stay on our staff as long as possible. I know me and Winks have talked about this before, that he will be a head coach again some day. I would just like to see him work with Jennings another two years, and then we will really know what kind of player Jennings is. I guess till something happens Sampson will be our assistant coach, but remember his name will most likely be the first one thrown in the hat once a head coach job opens up until he gets a gig.


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