Monday, June 20, 2011

NBA Draft Preview

We all remember last time the Bucks had the 10th pick, the time when we drafting Brandon Jennings - who wasn't even in the green room for the draft. He was down the street watching it with his family at the hotel, and after he was drafted he showed up a few picks later to shake David Stern's hand. But who will the Bucks take Thursday with the 10th pick? Well this is a weak draft, and seems to be one that will only have a few stars in this league. The Bucks could really use a scorer, but a big guy down low to help take the pressure off Bogut would be nice too.

Kawhi Leonard and Tristan Thompson would be the big guys I think the Bucks hope to fall. If they don't another name I see is Marcus Morris. I kind of want to stay away from a guy like Morris, who just seems to be a little of a hot head. He seems to always be talking himself up, and that worries me at a young age when people do that. Also some guard names are being thrown around for the Bucks. Alec Burks from Colorado  has been mentioned as a home for the Bucks, Jazz, or Suns. Another guy that is shooting up the charts is Klay Thompson from Washington State, who could be one of the best shooters in the draft. Something the Bucks have been lacking is a guy that can shoot, so he seems to be the right pick for them. TBC Staff Member Bear has already stated that he would love to see the Bucks draft Thompson.

Will they maybe try to trade down, and hope a guy like Thompson is still there? A few other names that have come up that might be sleepers are Jimmy Butler from Marquette, and Marshon Brooks from Providence. We should all know about Butler, and he is being compared to a Raja Bell type player that can come off the bench and play good defense. Marshon Brooks is the guy who scored 52 points against Notre Dame. I'm not saying these are guys that would go ten, but would be guys the Bucks could maybe trade down for and acquire some picks in the process. It just seems like a weak draft, so trading down if you can find someone that wants to move up would make sense. Take a chance with a sleeper later in the first round. With the team we have now we should win more games regardless, as long as people don't get hurt every week.

The draft is set for Thursday night at 7 ET. It will air on ESPN, which sucks because I don't think NBA TV will have anything live, and I'd rather watch their coverage. I don't see the Bucks getting a franchise changing type player, but you just never know.


Turtle said...

What are the chances the Bucks completely trade out of this shallow draft?

Do you see ANYONE as a sure thing or even a TRUE All-Star? The All-Star game voting is a joke as is but someone with a long-term skill set?

Milwaukee needs to take the $3 million from the Heat or shoot for draft picks for next year because I can't see anyone available this year that would guarantee a deep playoff run.

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