Sunday, June 19, 2011

Resilient Rory

It really should have never been in doubt, but after what happened at the Masters you had to think it wasn't over till his birdie on hole one Sunday. You have to give him a lot of credit, because we always talk about athletes getting in their own heads. This was not the case for McIlroy this weekend, as he put on a show that will never be forgot. He broke records, he was the leader wire to wire, and he earned his first major. I really think this guy will be the next big superstar in golf.

I know Tiger Woods was the only player to shoot under par in 2000, but what Rory did just seems so much better. Tiger had already won a major in his career when he won the Open in 2000. Rory was coming off of a huge collapse just two months ago at Augusta. I guess Tiger had already won two majors, but him being the only one to shoot par makes it hard not to say that was the best performance of all time. We always talk about Kobe, LeBron, Manning, Brady, Jeter, Halladay, and other superstars about how they are the best of their time. but Rory has to do everything himself. He can't have a bad hole, and have his teammate pick him up. That is what makes this weekend so amazing. It just seems that golfers are over looked for what they do, but no one should ever over look this weekend.

Since it was a one man race we have to talk about the other tournament at the U.S. Open, the tournament for second place. Jason Day, a 23 year old from Australia showed he is another up and coming guy. He took second place Sunday at the U.S. Open, and also tied for second at the Masters in April. Since Rory just had to play par golf he really didn't have any pressure putts. Jason Day made a huge putt on 18 to for Y.E. Yang to make birdie on 18 to tie him for second. Yang was unable to make birdie, and Day will take home the second prize all to himself. Jason seems to be close to maybe winning a major himself, and I really hope he does. The guy plays with no fear, and just makes crazy shots.

As far as Stricker he had a great first 10 holes Sunday as he got to -5. With 5 birdies through 10 holes Steve finished the last 8 holes with two doubles, a bogey, and a birdie. Overall not a bad weekend for Stricker, but he just made too many mistakes. He dug himself a hole Thursday by shooting 4 over par. He did finish Friday with a 69, Saturday 69, and Sunday 70. So as for the three guys I picked Stricker finished -1, McDowell -2, Kuchar -2. I have to say I did fairly well, but wish I would have went with my Master pick Rory. For the rest of the scores click the link here. With the British next up in July will an American finally win a Major, or are the days of USA winning golf events over? Only time will tell.


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