Sunday, June 19, 2011

So That's Why Milwaukee Went to the NL

My goodness was that painful. If any of you settled in on Sunday afternoon to catch a ballgame with your dad on Father's Day, it's likely you tried to find something else on TV, or tried to do another activity together, pretty darn quick. As in, four Boston runs before their first out quick. The Brewers were out of their series finale with the Red Sox very early, giving up a six spot in the first and then six more runs from there. Nyjer Morgan and Prince Fielder gave fantasy players some late Sunday stats with a home run piece, but in the end there is nothing much to take away from this Boston series other than the fact that we went into Fenway and just got outplayed. Again.

Remember those comments that Ryan Braun made after the Brewers got swept by the Red Sox in 2008? If not, here they be: "I almost felt like this series, we didn't expect to win. We were competing. I know everybody tried hard. But it's not about trying hard. You've got to expect to win. I almost feel like we never really expected to win any of these games. I just kind of had that feeling."

While I wouldn't expect him to make any similar comments this time around, I wonder if it makes it worse that the 2011 edition of this matchup was a series in which the Brewers expected to win. They didn't expect to win in '08, I get that. They were young. Wide-eyed. In awe of Fenway. That's all good and fine. But this year, they are legit World Series contenders, whether you want to let yourself believe that or not. And even though they are that much better, the result was still almost identical. Thankfully they picked up the win on Saturday night, because the results on Friday and Sunday were embarrassing. A 12-3 loss to the Red Sox wasn't something that many people in Wisconsin planned on watching with Dad today.

It's been a tough week for the Brewers, first losing three out of four in Wrigley and now dropping two out of three in Boston. Thankfully, the Cardinals have had an even worse week, and even though we've tried to give them first place back all week long, they wouldn't take it. We're tied for first at 40-33, but the road is going to get even tougher the next couple of weeks. In that time, we'll be hosting the Rays, splitting a home and home with the Twins, and heading into Yankee Stadium. Honestly, I think we just need to get through these next two weeks around .500, and I'm not sure how possible that even is. Look, as good as I think the Brewers are, playing American League teams puts fear into my soul for this squad, and I'm glad we only see these teams once every three to five years instead of fifteen times per season. Let me share with you this Facebook status update posted by supposed Bucky Channel contributor Shep's dad from earlier on Sunday:

So I believe we now know the goal for the Brew Crew this season. Win the NL Central , Win the National League pennant and make it to the World Series and be cannon fodder for the Red Sox--Not so bad I'd take it.

I think I would too.

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Jonk said...

"playing American League teams puts fear into my soul for this squad, and I'm glad we only see these teams once every three to five years instead of fifteen times per season. "

I don't get it. Why? OPS this year... American League 717, National League 704. Last year, 734-723.

Because of the DH? Because David Ortiz got five plate appearances today instead of two by a pitcher and two or three by a pinch hitter? It was already 4-0 by the time Ortiz even came to the plate.

The idea that the American League is some offensive juggernaut is silly. The Brewers just had a bad three games, against a good team. American League had nothing to do with it. Any team can play like shit for three or five or more games. These Brewers started 0-4. These Red Sox 0-6, 2-10.

Winks said...

1-2 against Red Sox.
1-2 against Rays.
0-3 against Yankees.

That should answer your question.

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