Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome to Milwaukee

Hold up... Jimmer Fredette? No, no, no don't forget Milwaukee made a trade to send Fredette to the Kings. Instead Milwaukee will welcome Tobias Harris to the roster. He is the youngest player in the draft, and very athletic. I like the pick, because I think the Bucks have a good core to go off of, but taking a guy with upside was a great idea. I would have loved Marshon Brooks, but they took Harris that had the best IQ in the draft when it came to basketball. If I have to rate the pick I will give it a B, because they had the chance to take a guy that can score, but they passed it up for a Skiles ball player.

In the second round Milwaukee went with the homer pick of Jon Leuer. Get pick by the Bucks, because I either wanted Jimmy Butler or the man we did end up getting. These two got talked up a lot as of late, and also moved up the draft board as the week went on. Jimmy Butler went to the Bulls with the last pick of the first round. Hey Mr. Butler it was nice knowing you, but I will not cheer for you ever again unless you leave the Bulls. I really think Milwaukee did some good things tonight with the trade, and the two picks they had. I hope this works out for them, and it would also be nice to see them make the playoffs next season.


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