Sunday, June 19, 2011

Your Gold Cup Reminder

We do Father's Day a little different in the Winkler family, because as most of you will be watching the final round of the U.S. Open with your dads today, I'll be watching the United States take on Jamaica in the Gold Cup quarterfinals with mine. Sure, we'll make sure to catch some of the golf as well (and the Brewers for that matter), but the soccer game will definitely hold precedent this afternoon.

It's a game that the U.S. should win, as really they should be winning this tournament every year, no matter how strong of a side the Mexicans are usually able to put together. But the U.S. has already dropped a game to lowly Panama in this competition, so the Jamaicans realize that they have an opportunity here this afternoon. It could end up being a tough Father's Day for Michael Bradley and his father Bob, as this could be Coach Bradley's last game if the United States does in fact lose.

You can catch all the action with the pregame coverage starting at 1:30pm on the Fox Soccer Channel.

Happy Father's Day.


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