Saturday, June 25, 2011

Your Gold Cup Reminder

Sadly, I'm thinking that the Gold Cup final between the United States and Mexico is going to be very pro-Mexican as the two sides meet up at the Rose Bowl tonight on the Fox Soccer Channel (8pm Central). The final is however seemingly drawing a bit of interest from even the most casual sports fans, as any game between these two nations should. Mexico hasn't had too tough of a road to get to the finals, even though they have been dealing with a rash of suspensions. The United States should consider themselves almost lucky to be here, losing to Panama in the group stages before eventually regrouping and playing some decent soccer in the last week.

The two sides will meet in the final for the fifth time in eleven Gold Cup tournaments, including for the third consecutive time that the Cup has been held. I'm still working on a way to be able to watch this thing live, maybe I'll have to sack up and order the sports pack on DirecTV. Hell, I get all the WWE pay-per-views that come my way, might as well get something that's actually a legit sport (to some people!).


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