Sunday, July 3, 2011

Twins Flip the Script with Comeback

Unless you're celebrating how terrible you are on defense, Mark Kostay, you better pull back that fist. Only Mark Kotsay can start the game off with a home run and a triple and then turn into the goat of the Brewers 9-7 loss to the Minnesota Twins on Sunday. Actually, Kameron Loe did a pretty good job of blowing this one as well, courtesy of Ron Roenicke's decision to bring him in with runners on in the 7th. We all know that Loe doesn't pitch well when he needs to be clutch, all of us except for Roenicke that is. For how brilliant Roenicke managed Saturday's game, I can't believe those thoughts share the same brain with the thought that Kameron Loe deserves to be a big league pitcher. Sigh. For a team that shares a first place lead, we sure do have a lot of problems.

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