Monday, August 8, 2011

Ready For Some Football?

Jermichael Finley is ready for the season to start, and I have to say I agree with him. USA Today has posted an article on the return of Finley, and what he has done in the off-season to get ready again for football. With the first preseason game coming up Saturday night, with it being exactly one month from today until the first regular season game, I think it is time to get back into football mode.

I'm not sure how the players will approach the preseason this year due to the fact that training camp was cut short. I would guess the starters might get a little more playing time in each game, but the guys trying to make the team should still get the most time. With the Brewers in a playoff race (yes I said the Brewers in a playoff race) the Packers preseason doesn't really mean as much to me. They are just exhibitions, and I feel the Packers will be fine. The big thing for me will be watching other teams, because of all the free agents that went to different teams. It will almost feel like I'm watching hockey this preseason trying to figure out who is on what team. Madden is coming out August 31st, so I won't be able to play that to learn about the offseason transactions as I've done in the past.

The Packers start the quest for the repeat Saturday against the Browns at 6:30 Central time. The rest of the preseason schedule looks like this:

Friday 8/19 - Arizona Cardinals - 7:00 Central

Friday 8/26 - at Indianapolis Colts - 7:00 Central

Thu 9/1 - Kansas City Chiefs - 7:00 Central

The only team will see twice for sure this season is the Chiefs. The Packers open the regular season Thursday night against the Saints. I feel it should be a good year for the Packers again, even if they haven't made many moves. The two big changes should be, one we might have a return game this season after drafting Randall Cobb, two if Grant can stay healthy we have a two headed Monster of Grant/Starks. Get ready for some football people, because the Packers will be working hard to go for a repeat.


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