Thursday, October 6, 2011

NLDS tied 2-2

I have to start off by saying I'm pretty worried about tomorrow's game. The Brewers did not look good in Arizona. I don't subscribe to the "momentum" theory, especially in a 5 game series, but the Crew, aside from Braun and Gallardo and that 6th inning in game 2, has been a bit disjointed the entire series. I won't go into Marcum's weird interplay with Lucroy on the Grand Slam or the fact that Marco Estrada was our best pitcher yesterday. Instead, let's look toward Friday's game.

Despite the fact that we did not look good in Arizona and are now 1 game away from elimination, things are looking good for us on paper. Most importantly, we are at home. That is what we fought for an earned this season. We all know we have the best record in the league at home. We all saw how important the home field has been in this series. We have our best pitcher going (being caught by our best catcher). And, we must win - and we saw what that did for the Diamondbacks.

Here's the keys to winning tomorrow
- Get out of the 1st inning unscathed. After watching the last two games, we see how important it is go get a clean first inning. Gallardo, though dominate in Game 1, was a bit shakey in the 1st. This cannot happen tomorrow. Keep that crowd hype. Give our bats some confidence. I'll even take 0-0 after 1.
- Ricky Weeks -Can we get a Ricky Weeks sighting please? Please! 1-15, 12 left on base. Ugh. We need you man. With Hart, Prince, Braun, and Morgan in front of you, those runners are going to be on base. They will not pitch to Prince if they can avoid it in game 5. C'mon Ricky.
- Clutch hits - The LOB number is pretty high, but an even bigger indicator of success is 2 out RBIs. The Brewers had 5 in games 1 and 2 and 0 in games 3 and 4. We have had guys on base a lot and need to convert our chances. This becomes even more clutch tomorrow because Ian Kennedy will not put guys on base like Joe Saunders. This goes for our pitchers too. You have to get that last out. The D-backs had 7 two out RBIs in game 3 and 7 two out RBIs in game 4. Those are pretty staggering numbers.
- Bullpens - Frankly, and I know this is pretty obvious, we need to get to the D-Backs bullpen early and get to our bullpen with a lead. I would like to see 3 pitchers maximum tomorrow for the Crew. 7 innings for Yovanni, 1 for K-Rod, 1 for Axford. Yes, please.
- Carlos Gomez - It looked like this guy had a point to prove last night. I'm not saying he gets the start tomorrow, but you will certainly see him at some point tomorrow. I'm hoping it's for defensive purposes and not pitch-hitting purposes.

There you go, just a few of my keys. I'm not one for making predictions, mostly because I'm worried about the jinx. I'm nervous and worried, but glad we are at home. I'll be on the edge of my seat, but hopefully not holding my breath on every pitch like when Randy Wolf was out there.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a anti-Diamondbacks post. You know what I'm talking about Brewers fans.


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