Monday, October 17, 2011

Packers Still Overshadowed at 6-0

Who would have thought that the state of Wisconsin could possibly find a way to be depressed the day after a Packer victory, much less one that improved them to 6-0 on the season. You can thank the Milwaukee Brewers for that one, a topic which I will have to address at some point this week (most surprising thing about the Brewers playoff run for me? I found out that I really, really, really hate Facebook). But the Packers aren't just playing second fiddle right now in Wisconsin, they're playing second fiddle to everything else going on in the NFL. You have Tebow, Schwartz vs. Harbaugh, Eagles' struggles, Patriots/Cowboys, McNabb, Raiders, and a thousand other stories that are getting more coverage than the Packers. And I am completely okay with that. Because as's Brian Carriveau and I discussed this morning on K107.1 out of Fond du Lac, what is there really to say about a team as dominant as the Packers that we haven't already said?

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