Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Packers Success = No Favre Talk Please

One too many people have asked me in the last couple of days, "Hey, did you hear what Favre said?" As in, one was too many people to be asking me. Isn't this whole saga over with yet? I mean sure, I used to write nearly exclusively about Favre on this site due to my intense hatred of all things Brett, but I figured that our success post-Favre would deem all talk on the man irrelevant. I thought when we won the Super Bowl, people would stop hanging on his every word. Nope. I thought now that the Pack are 4-0 and playing great ball in a Super Bowl title defense in a season where Favre is out of the league, that would seal the deal that the Dongslinger Era was over.

Make no mistake about it, I still can't stand the guy. But it's for that reason coupled with the insane about of success that the Packers have had lately that it doesn't matter what the guy says. The CheeseheadTV headline from Favre's recent comments say it best: Favre Speaks. People Record It. We Blog. You Freak Out. I mean, yeah, pretty much. Favre said something that could be taken as insulting to Aaron Rodgers, and was of course number twelve was asked about it today by reporters. He gave his normal political non-answer as he always does, because he has moved on (credit goes to KFIZ's Wade Bates for asking as a follow up if Rodgers was surprised Favre waited three years to acknowledge Rodgers publicly, a question which caused Rodgers to laugh and blow off the question at the same time). Aaron Rodgers made it clear though again today, as he always has - he doesn't give a shit about Brett Favre.

I still can't believe we all haven't joined him yet.

(Hey Winks, where the hell have your recaps been? Um, how about my chat with Brian Carriveau instead? Please?)


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