Monday, October 10, 2011

Wisconsin Success Highlighted by Brewers

Where on Friday afternoon I thought that heartache was sure to bestow itself upon Brewer Nation, on Sunday I couldn't have been anymore positive that Milwaukee was in the middle of a healthy run through the postseason. To be honest, I was a nervous wreck on Friday for NLDS Game 5, so I figured the best way to watch this do or die game was to head to the same bar where we watched the Packers crazy run to the Super Bowl earlier this year. The game on Friday had the same kind of feel to each of those Packer games - where you were on edge for every play but trying to soak the moment in at the same time. A victory in that game and then a Cardinals victory meant that the Brewers now had home field advantage for the entire playoffs, World Series included. The thought crossed my mind, "What if this year not only the Packers won the Super Bowl but the Brewers win....", you know, I can't even finish the thought. I nearly start crying before I do.

It's just fun to be a Wisconsin sports fan right now, and this year will be looked back someday as the glory days in Wisconsin sports. I have heard of all the hardships of fans during the '70s and '80's and lived through some of my own in the '90's and 2000's. I am fully aware that the gettin' is good right now, and that I should savor every moment. And when you start to think that there could be more to come... that things could get better than where things are at right now? It's a little overwhelming.

You can draw similarities between these Brewer playoffs and the playoffs of '82 when we also faced the Cardinals. You can also draw comparisons to the Packers in that they played a division rival in their league championship game. But these 2011 Brewers seem to be content on making their own legacy. They continued with that notion on Sunday afternoon, using a six run fifth-inning to get past the Cardinals in a 9-6 victory. If I had to, I'd probably go along with most everyone else and say the Brewers win in seven, but I think that winning game one will prove to be very important. I'll be lucky enough to attend tonight (in the 400 level - but somebody's gotta sit there right?) yet I can't say I'm completely confident that they will win game two. I do still have good thoughts about the series and the playoffs in general, and it appears that the players do themselves as well.

I am going to be disappointed if the Brewers don't win this series, however, especially to St. Louis. But in a couple of months I will look back and be pleased with this season and all the joy that it brought us. You look at the team though, and you don't get that feeling. This team, these players, they want the championship. They want to win it all. And I can't wait to support that cause tonight. 


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