Friday, October 14, 2011

Wolf, Brewers Even Things Up

Did anyone see this coming? After losing a close game Wednesday, heads were hanging a bit low in Brewer Land. How do we get back in the series? Why start Randy Wolf of course. Let me reiterate that Wolf game up 7 runs in 3 innings his last outing. That's an ERA of 21.00! Not the best. Wolf is our 4th best starting pitcher and in this series against the Cards, we have already seen our 1, 2, and 3 starters struggle, even get shelled at times. And to top it off, TBS puts a pretty nice stat out there at the beginning of the game, Randy Wolf has the most starts among active pitchers who have never won a playoff game. The good news, Cardinal's starter Kyle Lohse was 3rd on that list.
(A brief aside, TBS love the shit out of some stats! Has anyone else noticed this? Seriously, they must put a new stat out for every batter. Sometimes it's interesting, sometimes it's relevant, usually it is something random like "Most double plays with a Home Run Derby contestant on deck" or something like that. I'll try to make a meaningless stat graphic count tonight.)
So what does Randy do? Goes out and pitches a gem! This has to be the game of his life. He gave up 2 solo home runs, the first of which I'm pretty sure everyone watching on TV, everyone at the stadium, everyone in both dugouts, the pitcher and the batter thought was a routine pop-up. The rest of his 4 hits and one walk given up over 7 innings were nicely scattered. 6 K's and just overall control and confidence. Thank you for stepping up Randy Wolf. It was a performance worthy of the return of the Bucky Channel Player of the Game.
BCPOTG: Randy Wolf

A few other notes on Game 4:
- It finally was not just the Ryan Braun/Price Fielder Show. The Brewers got 4 RBI from 4 different players and 4 runs from 4 different players. We're gonna need this 1-9 contribution to continue.
- K-Rod and Axford both actually pitched uneventful innings. Both gave up one hit, but were never in danger. When is the last time that happened?
- What was up with that inconsistent strike zone? The home plate ump was all over the place and of course, this does not favor the free swinging Brewers.
- Pujols just 1-4 last night, and no walks, just smart pitching. I like that. Make Holliday beat you.
- Anyone else notice that Pujols and Fielder seemed to be best buds? Do we have more free agent collusion on our hands? The next Wade, Lebron, and Bosh? Pujols and Fielder to the same American League team? Ok, maybe I'm reading too much into this.
- How about that slide by Jerry Hairston? Wow.

Alright Brewers fans, it's a 3 game series now. If you weren't already on the edge of your seats, you've got to be there these next 3 games. I'm certain that each game going forward in this will be the Biggest Brewers game I have ever seen. October baseball, love it.
Tonight we got Greinke vs. Garcia. Let's keep it up Crew!


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