Saturday, November 19, 2011

Things I Think About Some Things I Havent Told You What I Think About Them Yet

As someone who is the host of a morning radio show on a station that plays the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Andy Grammer, Lady Gaga and others, you can imagine that its not really the correct platform for me to rant about various topics in the world of sports. If only I had some sort of website or something where I could express those opinions.

Whats that you say? I do have a Blog? Oh boy, I should probably update that thing sometime.

Anyway, the title explains enough. Let's fire some of these out.

The Bowl Championship Series - I can't believe that I still come across articles where the "BCS? More like BS!" joke is used as if it's being written for the first time (granted, most of the times these articles are from Bleacher Report). Still, the computer generated system does look like it's going to be a mess this year as there are now just two undefeated teams left to choose from, and one of them doesn't really count. I've complained on this site more than several times about how much I don't like the BCS, and how I was going to swear off college football until the system was changed. But then I find myself watching an Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State game I wouldn't have otherwise cared about on Friday night, even when I had to work at 4:30 the next morning, just because of how intrigued I was by the whole mess. That's the thing about the BCS. It doesn't care if you like it or hate it, it knows you're still going to watch. And that means it makes money. And that means it's not going anywhere for a long, long time.

Side note - It kills me that Wisconsin is right now two once-in-a-lifetime plays away from being ranked number two in the country.

The Penn State Scandal - Everything to say has already been said, and I can't see how anyone that knew about the goings on in the locker room could even work in football, much less society, again. And I'm not 100 percent convinced that there is a distinct version of a heaven and a hell, but I know that I'm not going to the same place that Jerry Sandusky does when I die. Unless, laughing at this is grounds for hell...

Dale Sveum Becomes Manager of the Cubs - Proud for Dale, not too concerned about the move though. Dale Sveum is a great guy and all, but if Doug Melvin would have rather had Cheney Macha instead of Sveum as the manager, I think I have to respect that judgement. Although it will be really lame if the Cubs are ever better than the Brewers with Sveum as the manager.

NBA Strike - The players are arguing over dollar amounts that are in the millions and billions of dollars, meanwhile I know people that worked front office jobs in the NBA last season and you wouldn't believe the kind of jobs they are doing to try to get by right now. The NBA already had enough apathetic fans, and this lockout isn't going to them any favors. I expect a long recovery for this league if this lockout ever gets settled.

Now, after I write this, I find this article by Bill Simmons explaining the rift between the players and the owners. Great stuff.

Packers Sit at 9-0 - I'm concerned about the prospect of the Packers going undefeated because of the example that the Patriots set where they lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl after going 18-0 previously. Honestly, I'm not too concerned about the undefeated mark, I just don't want everyone to overreact when they do lose for the first time, whether it's soon or in the playoffs. Not overreact in the sense that people will think the Packers are bad, but do we even know what a loss feels like at this point? Besides a preseason game, the last time the Packers lost was in Foxboro before last Christmas. Sure, Wisconsin fans have experienced the Brewers heartache and Badgers disappointment this year, but I just don't remember how to deal with a Packers loss. Let's hope we don't have to for a long long time (actually, we can go 9-7 for all I care, let's just not lose in the playoffs please).

That's all for now, more in four weeks.


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