Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Checking in on the Winter Meetings

Jose Reyes was on the list of players the Brewers were looking at. They will have to start looking a different way. Reyes signed with the Marlins for 6 years, $106 million. I guess I was still a little shocked that everyone felt like he was the missing the piece here in Milwaukee. I guess making him the lead off hitter, and moving Braun to the four hole would be best. But either way this will not be happening, so lets move on to the next potential piece of the puzzle.

One piece that will be missing is Jerry Hairston Jr after he signed with the Dodgers. For what Hairston did for us at the end of last season this is a huge loss for the Crew. Without him the Brewers will be in need of a utility player. I think Melvin might be a little caught off guard by this move. The only thing I can think of as to why Hairston really wanted to leave is that Los Angeles is a tad more attractive climate-wise than Milwaukee.. He will be missed, but there is still a lot of talent out there for Melvin to sign.

There are whispers about the Brewers talking to Jimmy Rollins, but I would rather see them go after Rafeal Furcal. If they have no intention of bring Yuni B back I would think Furcal would be the next best fit. If you lose a guy like Hairston Jr you can't take risks with people that could get hurt. Rollins seems like more of a risk than Furcal.

Personally, I think the Brewers should offer Mark DeRosa a contract. He can fill in many positions, and could fill the hole that Hairston left. Melvin seems to always find good utility guys, so I have faith in him. Also DeRosa could fill the void left when Kotsay signed with the Padres. Either way the Brewers have a lot of work to do ahead of them.


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