Friday, December 2, 2011

Lets Get It Started

The NBA will be coming out with the schedule on Tuesday for the shorten NBA season. There will be five games on Christmas day, but the Bucks won't start till Dec. 26th or 27th. With the Packers winning all the time I really haven't missed the NBA at all, but hearing some trade rumors, free agents picks, and people staying overseas to play as started to peak my interest. But I think what really got me excited was when I received an email about fantasy basketball. That's when I knew that it will soon be time to Get It Started, as they say.

Either way, on Tuesday we will learn when/who the Bucks will be playing in their 66 games this year. How many times they will play back to back to back games this season? Every time will have the three straight nights of games, and some teams may have to do it up to three times on the season. I have to say I'm glad the NBA is back, and lets hope some of these trades go down to make this stuff more interesting.


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