Monday, December 5, 2011

Packers Stay Undefeated, Barely

The picture above doesn't look like a team that is celebrating after improving to 12-0 and hours away from clinching the NFC North. They look like a team that needed a huge win, but nevertheless that is what they got on Sunday. At this point in time I don't know what else the Packers can do to win a game. They've won every which way possible. In this one, with the game tied at 35 with 58 seconds to go the Packers started at their own 20. From there Rodgers did what he does best, and that was completing passes to four different people to set up the game winning field goal. The Packers won the game 38-35.

On the first pass of the drive Rodgers threw a bullet to Finley, and the defender took a chance but got burned. Finley ran for 14 yards after the catch for a 24 yard play. The next play was the key play. Rodgers hit Nelson with the perfect fade thrown for 27 yards. The Packers then tried to catch the Giants off guard with a screen to Saine, but lost a yard. Then "Da Greg Jennings" was found on the left side of the field for 18 yards. The three long passes were just darts thrown by Rodgers, and he again proved he is playing like no one else has ever played. Being able to run, and throw on the run is what is putting Rodgers above the rest.

12-0 is a perfect record, but this team is far from perfect. Things that really stood out Sunday were giving up the big plays on defense, and the dropped balls on the offense. The third play of the game went for 67 yards to former Badger Travis Beckum. Jacobs and Bradshaw had some big runs at times. Also Nicks and Cruz seemed to always be wide open. I understand when you lose Woodson and when you start backup  linebackers, things will be difficult. And on offense the dropping of passes is going to happen, but at the rate the Packers were doing it yesterday it almost cost them the game. Finley has had a case of the drops all season, but to many other people dropped balls.

I'm not going to write a huge negative post, because I just like where this team is at right now. You could tell by the reaction of this team after that win yesterday they know they can be better. The Packers were never really in control, but this game never looked for a minute like they would have got beat. I almost felt better when the Giants made the two point then I would have if they would have missed it. I just feel if we do get beat this year it will be because of a bad bounce by the ball. I didn't want to see an onside kick at all. I trusted Rodgers more than I trusted our hands team. There is no doubt that this is a skilled team, and none of these wins have been by luck.

Sitting at 12-0 the Packers will still talk about the one game at a time thing, but being this deep into something like this You know they are going to work their butts off to win every game this year. As far as the rest of the NFL goes we are still hearing about Tebow, the Cowboys, and the 0-12 Colts. I guess as far as a news stance this is the best way it could be for the Packers right now. Next up are the Raiders as they come to Green Bay. I guess this game will be a matter of what Raider team shows up. The one that runs all over teams, and plays defense? Or the Raiders team we saw Sunday get owned by the Dolphins? Sunday at 3:15 the Packers can say they will look to be 1-0 on the day, but as a fan we are all keeping our eye on 13-0.

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