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The Bucky Channel is making a triumphant comeback. Stay tuned for the latest.


The Bucky Channel is making a triumphant comeback. Stay tuned for the latest.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's Almost Laughable How Good This Team Is

This is a weird feeling that I'm getting when regards to the Brewers lately. It's a feeling of supreme confidence, that's really all it is, but a feeling I've never had when regarding the Milwaukee Brewers. They win and it's expected. They lose, and it's not a big deal, because they'll just probably win tomorrow. Even if they scuffle for awhile, they are so far in front in the NL Central (currently 10 1/2 games) that they are most likely capable of overcoming a losing streak. Now as I say that, enter the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Brewers face the Cardinals in six of the next nine games, a stretch which could either give the Cardinals a fighting chance in this thing or wrap up the Central for the Brewers once and for all. In that stretch, the Brewers have three other games against the Astros, a series you would like to see the Brewers sweep. The Cardinals have those other three games against the Reds, so hopefully we'll see Milwaukee a lot closer to a playoff birth come ten days from now.

I know that I'm being shitty about recaps lately - as the blog usually is the first thing to be sacrificed when my personal life is beyond busy. But if I could sum up what I've missed this week in one sentence for you to realize how good this Brewers team is.... Zack Greinke stole a base on Sunday.

POTGs from the week: Chris Narveson, Corey Hart, Nyjer Morgan, Shaun Marcum, Corey Hart, Zack Greinke

Packers Beat Colts on Late 11 Points

The Packers got off to a fast start Friday night thanks to the YAC of Finley and Nelson. It seemed that the Packers had to resort to the dump off passes, because the offensive line as having a hard time with the Colts defensive line. The Packers scored 11 points in the final minute of the game Friday night for the 24-21 win. The run was courtesy of Graham Harrell, who ran a perfect 3:17 drive for 73 yards which was capped with a touchdown to Ryan Taylor. They converted the two-point conversion, recovered an onside trick kick, and Crosby made a 50 yard field goal for the win.

The running game was nowhere to be found Friday night as the Packers ran the ball 19 carries for 45 yards. Right now it seems that Starks is your staring running back, but that is just because he seemed to play well on the screen game. Starks finished the game with 5 catches for 38 yards. Other than that, Finley and Nelson were the top guys for receiving yards. If they continue to get the match up of a nickel back or linebacker it could be a great year for these two. Driver did what Driver does - catch balls on third down for the first, but James Jones was out there for no reason. I really feel that the Packers kept Jones just so he didn't sign with the Bears or Vikings. The three pack of Driver, Jennings, and Nelson should be a deadly combo this season.

On the defensive side of the ball it seemed that the Packers got a lot of pressure on the quarterback, but just had a few communication breakdowns. Reggie Wayne caught a 57 yard touchdown that he could have caught and then walked in from the 10 yard line. Addai had some big runs for the Colts, but for the most part the Packers controlled the run game. Though it seemed every time Morgan Burnnet blitzed on the outside and the Colts ran the ball, they would gain about 12 yards a carry. So I would guess they will work on fixing that problem. Matthews and Woodson were getting hits on the QB, but only Matthews recorded a sack for the first team. The Packers first team defense has not really got any turnovers, and that is what really carried us last year. It is still only pre-season, but it would be nice to see a few turnovers.

I don't know what Coach Mac will do with the starters for Thursday nights game, but I don't think they will see much playing time. The rosters will have to be cut down 53 people by September 3rd. The Packers cut three people Sunday, as Spencer Havner (TE), Brett Swain (WR), and Theo Sherman (T) were all shown the door. The Packers have so many weapons at the tight end and receiver position that these cuts had to be made. I could see both these players maybe getting a special teams spot on other teams.

The Packers final preseason game is Thursday night against the Chiefs, game time set for 7pm.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Winks Moving Up the Waiting List

Winks signed up for the Packers season ticket waiting list about ten years back, and he always keeps his waiting list number up on the refrigerator, and I always laugh when I see it. It's just a crazy thing that so many people are on this list for season tickets. I mean don't get me wrong I would love to have season tickets for the Packers, but I know it will be something I will never get to enjoy. I seems that if you didn't have a relative of some sort that already had them odds are you will not get them in your lifetime. But today the Packers announced that they will be adding 6,600 seats by the 2013 preseason, so people will have a better chance now to move up the list.

The addition will be made on the south end-zone where it looks like they will be making a new scoreboard, and adding seats on each side of the scoreboard. Going to the Patriots game last year it is kind of like the seating they have, and really they were nice seats. You are up far enough, and you either have the play coming right at, or going away from you. That view also lets you see the play develop. The project will cost about 130 million, but the good news is no tax dollars will be used for the upgrade.

The two new video boards will be ready for the 2012 season they hope. Getting new HD scoreboards is the new thing, and once the Packers get the two new ones up all of Wisconsin Sports will be up to date. For other information on the expansion of Lambeau check out some notes from the guys over at JSOnline.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Living the High Life, Indeed

I gotta say, the Brewers really do look good on the cover of Sports Illustrated, don't they? Say what you want about the magazine/newspaper industry as a dying medium, but while subscribers may have gone away, the allure of being on the cover of Sports Illustrated definitely hasn't. Possible SI Cover Jinx aside, it's great to see the Brewers finally back on the cover of the magazine, something that hasn't happened since Rob Deer of all people graced the cover back in 1997...

I actually have this issue framed in my apartment, an item which I sort of took from my parents basement just because I liked it so much. But I was three years old at the time this cover came out. That's a long time ago, but that's just how long the Brewers have been sort of one of the less talented teams in baseball. Happy to see them back on the cover, and I can't wait to pick up a copy and frame the new issue as well.

Oh, and in other news... Ten games up motherfuckers!

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Am Really Enjoying This

When the Brewers were making their playoff push in 2008, making the postseason was the goal. Whatever happened after that was gravy, all that we as fans wanted and it seemed like all that the team really wanted was to make the playoffs for the first time since 1982. Milwaukee did make the second season that year, and it was a great time to be a Brewers fan.

But this year couldn't feel more different. As in, things feel even better this time around. The biggest reason is because this is not a team that is going to settle for just making the playoffs. Or winning their division. Or winning a playoff series. This is a team that wants to win the whole damn thing, and I think they just might have the squad to pull it off. They aren't relying on one pitcher to get them there, but rather they have a staff full of guys that can go out and give you six or seven innings with ease. The bullpen is rock solid. The offense is on fire, and that's without a soon to be returning Rickie Weeks. It's a team that is three years more experienced than the 2008 version, and one that seems to have a lot more confidence and swagger than I've ever seen in a Brewers team. Heading into Monday, the Brewers are working on a 22 out of 25 game winning clip, and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight.

This is a Brewers team that is constantly finding different ways to win, and are using different players along the way. Against the Dodgers in Miller Park, you saw a series in which the Brewers used pitching and defense (including a triple play in one of the matchups) to earn the series victory. You had Mark Kotsay coming through with a walkoff run on a pinch hit. You had Jerry Hairston Jr. cementing himself as the backup second baseman (farewell, Felipe Lopez). And you had John Axford and Francisco Rodriguez prove they might be the best back end of a bullpen in the league.

They took that momentum and keep it going in New York, where the Brewers found themselves picking up a sweep on the road. The game that sticks out the most for me has to be the Saturday matinee in which the Brewers blew a 7-1 lead only to come back and win the game 11-9. That was a game that really showed me that this is a team that can win any kind of contest, and they don't let themselves get too down if they've blown a lead. They also don't let themselves quit if they're down two runs in the ninth. Plus, I was starting to convince myself that the junkyard fire behind Citi Field was going to act as a jinx for the rest of the Brewers season, so I'm even more pleased they were able to win that game so that my insane theory could be put to bed and quickly.

As of this posting, the Brewers have started their doubleheader against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and they currently sit at 8 1/2 games up in the NL Central. There's a lot of baseball yet to be played, but everytime I think about where the Brewers are at in the standings I just can't believe. There is a chance that at the end of the night on Monday the Brewers could be up a full ten games. And worst case scenario, they are up just seven. That's still a weeks worth of games, which still fascinates the hell out of me.

It's a time unlike any other that I can remember in Brewers baseball (my lifetime at least), and I'm happy to go along for this ride as long as the Brewers can keep it up.

POTGs for the week, day by day: Jerry Hairston Jr., Yovani Gallardo, Zack Greinke, Marco Estrada, Prince Fielder, Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun

Packers 28, Cardinals 20

I will write a Brewers post to catch up here on the site, but I can't justify writing a Packers recap when I watched very little of the game because of the following reasons: a) fantasy draft b) Captain Morgan c) Brewers d) Super Bowl on DVR. I did catch the final score however, which had your Packers knocking off the Cardinals 28-20.

Thankfully for me, I host a radio show and one of my guests in Brian Carriveau from Have a listen to some of the best radio you'll find anywhere as we talk over the win and preview the week to come. You'll be able to listen to these podcasts all season song by clicking on the "K107.1/Cheesehead TV" button on the right-hand side of the page.

I should mention that in the time since our chat, Frank Zombo was announced to be out for a significant amountby Mike McCarthy . In coach speak, that means you can put your Zombo jerseys away for awhile. Sounds like a long while.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Bucky Channel Fantasy Football

OK everyone...the league is up and running.

We'll be doing this thing through yet?

What if I said prizes are involved...not cash, but something you might be able to sell to a desperate soul. A freezing homeless man may trade his shopping cart full of cans for it.

That is it? Why, a "The Bucky Channel" t-shirt...that's what.

If you're interested, please email us here. I will forward the information as it is first come first served. Once full, we will set the draft order and set the draft time (the time currently set is just a placeholder).

Check it out here and have a look around.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dude, Nobody Holds Their Beer Like This

Please take this commercial off my of television for good, Miller Lite. I can't handle it anymore.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brewers Cruise Through NL Central Stretch

When we talked before this 18-game stretch of games between the Milwaukee Brewers and their NL Central opponents, we looked as this period of time as a crucial moment for the Brewers, Cardinals, and Pirates as the three teams were battling for first place. The Pirates fell off the map in the last three weeks, the Cardinals have been playing very well, but the Brewers have been even hotter. After sweeping the Pirates on Sunday, the Brewers improved to 16-2 during this stretch of NL Central games, and by the end of the night will still be at least five games up in the NL Central. Just how well are things going for the Brewers right now? I think the sound of 45,000 plus fans yelling "T" in unison for a Nyjer Morgan sac fly game winning RBI on Sunday answers that question.

The cute haikus are winding down for us as it's time to fully engage ourselves into this pennant race. Last year at this time I personally had already checked out and was focused on the Packers preseason with how far Milwaukee was out of the race. This year, it looks like the debate between watching a Brewers game or watching a Packers game on Sundays will return. It's a tough debate, but one I don't mind having this time of year.

Speaking of the playoff race, the Pirates are all but out of it now, especially with the death blow that the Brewers delivered to them this weekend. From their dominant 7-2 win on Friday, to the brilliant performance of Marco Estrada followed by the hold your breath save by John Axford on Saturday, to the Shaun Marcum brilliance and T-Plush heroics on Sunday, this has been one hell of a weekend for Brewers fans. The playoff atmosphere is now in full force at Miller Park, and why not? This team is now fnally playing the way we hoped they would this season, and they are proving to be a clutch team as well. Milwaukee is now 26-15 in one-run games, and virtually unbeatable when they lead after the eighth inning. These are the kind of performances you want to see from team not only hoping to make the playoffs this season, but one that wants to do some damage this time around as well.

Next up for the Crew is a four game set at Miller Park against the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team that has had their share of struggles this season. Let's try to pick up three out of four in this series and keep this momentum rolling before we take a road trip to New York and Pittsburgh.

Weekend POTGs: I'm going with Zach Greinke edging out Ryan Braun on Friday, Yuniesky Betancourt edging out Marco Estrada on Saturday, and then Shaun Marcum instead of Nyjer Morgan on Sunday).

(And in other news, let me be the 1,203,295th person to express my disdain for Mitch Williams as a broadcaster. He does fine on MLB Network, but to tell us what you would do on every pitch and to stroke the conversation about pitching with two strikes until you can feel anything anymore was some of the worst shit I've ever sat through in my life. And I've seen EuroTrip. Twice.)

Packers Lose Your Typical Preseason Game

The Packers are back in action, which means business is sure to pick up here at The Bucky Channel. Let's kick off our coverage of the 2011 season with your first edition of The Bucky Five.

1. The Result - Cleveland beat the Packers 27-17, but we all know how useless the results of preseason games are. We're not going to try to sensationalize the games either, as is the way of ESPN (Colt McCoy cuts up the Super Bowl Champs! Cam Newton leads Panthers on scoring drive... it was a field goal). The thing that I looked at the most in this game is whether or not this actually looked like a football game. The Packers have really only had a handful of practices heading into this matchup because of the lockout, and I wondered how much that would affect how they looked on the field. For the first string offense, the lack of playing together didn't seem to hurt too much. Aaron Rodgers looked sharp as usual including an impressive touchdown strike to Greg Jennings. Realistically, if our starters can produce a touchdown drive and stay healthy in each of the next three games, I'll be more than happy.

2. The Flynn to Cobb Connection - Rodgers played great once again, but so Matt Flynn. The backup went 11 for 18 with 126 yards and a touchdown, although the score was a deflected pass that found its way into the arms of Spence Havner. But Flynn looked solid throughout his performance, and was developing a nice report with rookie Randall Cobb. The rookie receiver had three catches for 60 yards, and looked great after the catch. I'm expecting big things from Cobb this season, and this was a nice debut (he also looked solid in the return game). Since we've mentioned the top two quarterbacks on the depth chart, we'll also mention Graham Harrell. He'll make the team in some fashion, whether it's on the roster or back to the practice squad. He looked okay on Saturday night, when he wasn't fumbling the football that is.

3. Sherrod, Lang Play Multiple Spots - That's the title of this JSOnline article which does a much nicer job of analyzing the performance of the two than I can. They had the duty of watching the game with the intention to write feature articles on it, while I watched the game while cycling through Captain and Cokes. Yes, I'm even outsourcing material on The Bucky Five now.

4. Introducing Josh Gordy - The Central Michigan alumni turned out quite a performance for the Packers on Saturday, coming up with both an interception and a sack in the Packers loss. Because of injuries, the Packers cornerback depth is actually a bit thin right now, which is allowing a guy like Josh Gordy to have more of an opportunity to prove what he can do. Performances like this could turn a guy from afterthought to roster spot pretty quick.

5. What'd the Coach Think? - Overall, Mike McCarthy was pleased with his team's performance, although did note that he would have liked more of a sense of urgency from the guys. I don't think he has too much to be upset about. I would have liked the first team defense to play more dominantly, but Colt McCoy really did have a nice game for the Browns. He did report a few injuries in James Starks, Andrew Quarless, and Tom Crabtree, but neither of them appeared to be too serious. We'll see if they are ready to go before the Packers next game this Friday night against the Arizona Cardinals.

And for a quick plug, I'm adding a feature to the sidebar that is going to link to conversations between myself and Brian Carriveau of CheeseheadTV. They are recorded from our weekly conversations on my K107.1 Morning Show out of Fond du Lac, and we usually chat twice per week regarding what's new with the Packers.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

English Premier League Preview

The English Premier League kicks off today (maybe I should go with past tense - kicked off - as I will probably finish this blog while the first games are going on). I’ll give you all a little preview, basically my predictions who will finish where and a player to watch for each team – usually an up and coming player or someone who will have a huge influence on his team this year.

Predicting the EPL is a bit of a strange bird. You have new teams coming up each year and a volatile transfer market where you don’t really know who will be on what team until a few weeks into the season. This effects fantasy more than my preview, but it still odd that I could talk about a player who may move to Italy next week. (See my EPL Fantasy Draft Review here). Also, there are no divisions or playoffs. If you pick a team to be 11th and the end up 13th, there is really no difference. On the other hand, there is very little movement in the table from year to year. There will be no team like last year’s Kansas City Chiefs or the Bucks of two years ago that is supposed to be poor and actually surprises everyone and does well. You pretty will know which teams will finish in the top 3rd, middle 3rd, and bottom 3rd. That makes predictions a little unnecessary, so for success, I look to my prediction of the winner and the three teams to be relegated. Last year I correctly picked Man U to win and Chelsea to be 2nd, but I only correctly predicted one of the three relegated teams.

Ok, enough explanation, on to the picks.
      1. Manchester United – Last year I went out on a bit of a limb and picked Man U to win and they came through. This year, unlike last, they have really improved their team, picking up Ashley Young and Phil Jones. Man U has a strong depth to their squad, but more importantly have a pretty certain starting XI. This consistency is important in during the long EPL season. You don’t want to always be changing your lineup. Sir Alex Ferguson will only do this against the bad teams. Anyways, strong defense, very good wingers, and great strikers. I see another championship.

Player to Watch: Ashley Young – A standout at Villa. I think he will do even better playing with a much improved cast.

2.    2. Manchester City – Yes, it is going to be “The Year of the Manchester” in the EPL. Even with the impeding loss of last year’s leading scorer, Carlos Tevez, City are stacked at every position. They really have too many players. Mancini needs to find a concrete starting XI to really gel and challenge the top teams. 2nd place will be an accomplishment, and with the addition of Sergio Aguero, only 23, look for better in 2013.

Player to Watch: Mario Balotelli – A definite headcase, but a definite talent. If he can assert himself as a starting center forward, with Aguero, Tevez, Adam Johnson, or David Silva on the wings, this will be a scary offense.

3.      3. Chelsea – I’m not one to buy the whole Lampard, Terry, and Drogba are getting old argument. They are all still among the best players in the league. I would look to other things that will bring Chelsea down to 3rd this season – lack of strong offensive and defensive wingers, Anelka getting old and uninterested, outside backs that do not get forward anymore, and the injury to Michael Essien. It is weird talking about a team that should be in the Champions League again next season as a disappointment and downgrade, but that is life at the top I guess, life of an oil baron.

Player to Watch – David Luiz – Strong defender, scores goals and young
      4. Liverpool – Arrghh. I hate Liverpool! But I think they will return to the top 4 this year. They have two World Class strikers – Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez – a plethora of strong midfielders, and a great goalie. Their defense is the one thing that could be taken advantage of.

Player to Watch – Steven Gerard – I very rarely like to choose a team’s best player as their player to watch, but I had to go with Gerard. He is coming off two years of injury and his presence is the driving force in the midfield turns Liverpool’s fairly strong midfield into a connected machine.
      5. Arsenal – Losing Fabregas and Nasri? We shall see. Either way, there is not much to be excited about for with Arsenal. Where is that new stadium revenue going?

Player to Watch – Aaron Ramsey – Talented young midfielder. Will he have to be the new Fabregas?

6. Tottenham – Great midfield – Bale, Lennon, Modric, Van der Vaart. The defense has been the question mark in the past, but this year, I think it is the strikers. Defoe, Crouch, Pavlyuchenko are not really elite strikers. Spurs will need lots of goals again from the midfield to challenge the top teams.

Player to Watch – Kyle Walker – England U-21 defender. Played well last year for Villa and QPR. Can he break into Spurs starting side?
      7. Everton – This is a bit of a homer pick here. Last year I said the same thing when I picked Everton 5th and they finished 7th. Does that mean they will finish 9th? I doubt it. I say it’s a homer pick, but then I look at the teams below them – Fulham, Stoke, Aston Villa. There is no way Everton are not better than them, especially when you look at the starting XI only. Lack of a strong striker will make goals hard to come by as they usually are for Everton. As long as there aren’t any more injuries or important players sold, Everton should again challenge for Europe. If you made a table last season of the top 7 teams only, Everton would have finished 2nd. They do great against the big boys, but can't have losses against Wolves, Blackburn, Bolton and shit.

Player to Watch – Apostolos Vellios – Ok, I really just wanted to put up this nice pic of me and him. The young striker could become an important player if Moyes plays two up top, but that will never happen.

8.   8.  Aston Villa – Lost Downing, pick up N’Zogbia, lost Barry, Milner, Young, picked up no one. It’s hard for there to be much optimism in Villa. In fact, I am question putting them 8th as I write this.

Player to Watch: Marc Albrighton – Exciting young attacking midfielder
      9. Stoke– Stoke are one of those teams other promoted teams would like to emulate. They know what they are – hard-nosed, physical, long ball oriented and not flashy. And they get better and better every year. Every year they add a bit more skill to go along with their hard edge. They added Woodgate and Upson to an already strong defense, have quality premiership players, and quality wingers – Pennant and Etherington – to serve them balls. And this may be odd, but I feel like they were linked to almost every player this summer and that is a good thing. First time in Europe as well.

Player to Watch: Jonathan Walters – 6 goals last year, in a bit role. 6 is a lot for Stoke.

10  10. Fulham – I feel like Fulham are overachievers. They have a good backline, serviceable strikers, but other than Clint Dempsey, no midfield to speak of. They might have the occasional win against Chelsea or Man U, but I don’t see Fulham doing much this season.

Player to Watch: Pajtim Kasami – You heard it here first, watch out for Switzerland in the future. For some reason they have a large number of ethnic Albanians between the ages of 19-22 on the national team, of which Kasami is one.

1    11. Sunderland – Lots of good signings, but no great signings. Still Sunderland. Gyan is quality up top, but their defense won’t be able to keep them in the top 10.

Player to Watch: Stephane Sessegnon - exciting midfield player

      12.  West Bromich Albion – West Brom are a team on the up after last season. They have moved from a relegation suspect to a mid-table club. They should follow that up with the same this season, thanks in large part to African trio of Peter Odemwingie, Somen Tchoyi, and Youssuf Mulumbu.

Player to Watch: Youssuf Mulumbu – exciting young midfielder, his 7 goals last year has attracted alleged attention from Bayern Munich and Fiorentina.
      13. Newcastle – Eh, not much too really be excited for with Newcastle, sold their two best players – Carroll and Nolan. It’s a good thing for them there are a lot of weak teams below them.

Player to Watch: Demba Ba – 7 goals in 12 games for West Ham last year
      14. Bolton – Pretty similar to Newcastle.

Player to Watch: Stuart Holden – The young American was coming into his own last season before his bad knee injury. He should be back in Sept ready to go.
      15. QPR – New boys QPR has the funds to stay up, but will they have the squad depth?

Player to Watch: Adel Taarabt
      16. Wolves – Wolves might be the most unexciting team in the league. Mick McCarthy keeps them disciplined and Kevin Doyle and Stephen Fletcher up top will put in their share of goals

Player to Watch: Roger Johnson – Strong former Birmingham defender could provide the strength Wolves need in the back.
      17. Wigan – I do think Wigan will go down this year, but I’ve picked them to go down the last 3 years and somehow they stay up. They sold their best player in Charles N’Zogbia and haven’t really done anything to replace him, but somehow they will still stay up.

Player to Watch: James McCarthy
      18. Blackburn – Another boring team at the bottom of the table. They stayed up on the last day last season and should be in danger again. Where will the goals come from?

Player to Watch: David Hoilett – One of the few exciting players on Blackburn, should get a lot of chances to go forward.

      19. Swansea – Championship Playoff winners will find tough going in the EPL. It is nice to see a Welsh team in the league, but I don’t think they’ll have the depth to stay up.

Player to Watch: Scott Sinclair – Caught attention with the playoff final hattrick, but don’t look for too much more of that this season.
      20. Norwich – Someone’s got to be last.

      Player to Watch: James Vaughan – New signing from Everton, still the youngest player ever to score in the EPL. Will playing time help him live up to his promise?

There you go, nothing too bold, but enjoy the season!

Friday, August 12, 2011

U.S. Should Be Pleased With Tie Against Mexico

Nothing against Bob Bradley, but I've wanted to see Jurgen Klinsmann on the American sideline for a long time now. That wish came true on Wednesday night, but the Klinsmann era started very similar to how the Bob Bradley era ended, as the Americans gave up an early goal and found themselves behind right away. Allowing an early goal has been a theme for the Americans this year, but Klinsmann's team held strong and picked up the equalizer in the 73rd minute off the foot of Robbie Rogers. The Americans started the Jurgen Klinsmann era with a 1-1 tie against rival Mexico, not a bad result especially with how young the team he fielded was.

The hopes are going to be high, maybe a little unrealistically high, for the former German national player and coach as he takes over this American soccer program. But as this Yahoo! Sports article indicates, the insertion of Klinsmann into the program has already revitalized the team and has provided them with a boost of energy that they were lacking. There's no doubt in my mind this is a game that the Americans would have lost if Bradley were the coach, even though he's good at what he does he just seemed to lose the players and wasn't getting through anymore. The fresh style of Klinsmann is sure to do this team wonders as they try to qualify for the 2014 World Cup and hopefully do a little more damage this time around.

The John Stamos Guide to Cuddling

In order for this blog to still be relevant and to still thrive, I can't be posting articles three times a day. When I'm unemployed again, should that occur, then I can work on this site with more vigor, but as real life requires more of my time I have to borrow more of that time from this site (although I have been blogging on my morning show blog!). That's understandable. What's not understandable is that even with real life, I could have snuck on here at least once to say hello, right? Anyways, as I try to hammer out some posts this weekend in the form of catch up, here's some video of John Stamos and Bob Saget cuddling to tide you over.

Thanks as always for your support.

White House on Three

How does Barack Obama cap off one of the toughest weeks of his presidency? By having the main rival to his beloved Chicago Bears come to the White House to be recognized for their Super Bowl victory. Hell yeah.

Handing Out Some Quick POTG Awards

The Brewers took two of three from St. Louis, in St. Louis. They enter play on Friday four games above the Cardinals for first in the NL Central. They're within striking distance of the Wild Card too, if necessary. Casey McGehee, Randy Wolf, and Mark Kotsay pick up Player of the Game awards. The Brewers need to start playing more afternoon games so that I don't fall asleep during great series like this!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ready For Some Football?

Jermichael Finley is ready for the season to start, and I have to say I agree with him. USA Today has posted an article on the return of Finley, and what he has done in the off-season to get ready again for football. With the first preseason game coming up Saturday night, with it being exactly one month from today until the first regular season game, I think it is time to get back into football mode.

I'm not sure how the players will approach the preseason this year due to the fact that training camp was cut short. I would guess the starters might get a little more playing time in each game, but the guys trying to make the team should still get the most time. With the Brewers in a playoff race (yes I said the Brewers in a playoff race) the Packers preseason doesn't really mean as much to me. They are just exhibitions, and I feel the Packers will be fine. The big thing for me will be watching other teams, because of all the free agents that went to different teams. It will almost feel like I'm watching hockey this preseason trying to figure out who is on what team. Madden is coming out August 31st, so I won't be able to play that to learn about the offseason transactions as I've done in the past.

The Packers start the quest for the repeat Saturday against the Browns at 6:30 Central time. The rest of the preseason schedule looks like this:

Friday 8/19 - Arizona Cardinals - 7:00 Central

Friday 8/26 - at Indianapolis Colts - 7:00 Central

Thu 9/1 - Kansas City Chiefs - 7:00 Central

The only team will see twice for sure this season is the Chiefs. The Packers open the regular season Thursday night against the Saints. I feel it should be a good year for the Packers again, even if they haven't made many moves. The two big changes should be, one we might have a return game this season after drafting Randall Cobb, two if Grant can stay healthy we have a two headed Monster of Grant/Starks. Get ready for some football people, because the Packers will be working hard to go for a repeat.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brewers Pick Up the Road Sweep

Brewers 8, Astros 1

Gallardo stays strong
His solid eight, with eight runs
Great start for the Crew

POTG: Yovani Gallardo

Brewers 7, Astros 5

The offense still hot
But Hart, McGehee get injured
Still pick up the win

POTG: Prince Fielder

Brewers 7, Astros 3

Brewers take game three
First sweep at Minute Maid Park
Now to St. Louis

POTG: Prince Fielder

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

McGehee Steals Show in Finale of Epic Series

When the cities of Milwaukee and St. Louis eventually go to war, this series will be looked at as the equivalent to the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. The Brewers and the Cardinals are going to square off another nine times this season, and I wouldn't be surprised if this recent series is going to end up to be the most tame of them all. In what is sure to be a race to the finish in the NL Central, I truly believe these games between the two clubs are what is going to decide the division, and it's great to see that the Brewers currently have the upper hand.

All eyes throughout Major League Baseball have been on this series, especially after Tony LaRussa has made it his personal mission to complain about every single thing the Brewers do differently than the Cardinals. But there were no major instances in this series finale, no hit by pitches, no bench-clearing brawls. Instead, there was not one, not two, but three home runs from Casey McGehee, who came into the game with five home runs yet left the game with eight. Three home runs, five RBI, and a career day for the Milwaukee third basemen who needed a game like this in the worst way. And from what it sounds, you can thank a little youngster for the success.

Next up for the Crew, a much needed day off. They'll be off to Houston for a hopeful three game sweep and then other day off on Monday. It's a great time to be a Brewers fan right now, let's hope the team keeps it that way.

Hey Casey McGehee
Where the hell did that come from?
Anyway, keep it up!

POTG: Casey McGehee

Let the Games Begin

The Milwaukee Brewers lost to the St. Louis Cardinals by a score of 8-7 in eleven innings on Tuesday night, and their lead in the NL Central shrunk to 2 1/2 games. It was a game which featured a 3-run home run by the Cardinals pitcher Jaime Garcia, a three run shot by Yuniesky Betancourt, some questionable St. Louis defense mixed with some incredible defense, a retaliation beaning of Ryan Braun in response to Albert Pujols getting hit himself, and a bloop single by Lance Berkman that won the game for St. Louis. Those are the facts that you can find in most any box score.

What you won't be able to find though is a description of the feeling that was surrounding this game. The race to the playoffs officially began on Tuesday, as there was sort of a heightened aura about this game, despite it being just one of 162 that will take place this season. The crowd was electric and times, yet nervous and quiet at others. Personally, I was texting with and talking to people that I hadn't heard from in a while, but we both just kind of figured the other person was watching the game. Despite my new 4:30-5:00am wakeup time, I was willing to ride this one out to the end. It had a different kind of feel to it, this game. Not quite playoff atmosphere, but more like a pennant race atmosphere. That can be attributed to the fact that these two teams are going to be battling each other the rest of the way (ten more games between them), but also due to the fact that the Cardinals are a real dickhead organization.

I saw a tweet from an impartial fan, a friend of mine, that was irritated with how Brewers fans were booing and upset that Ryan Braun was hit in the 7th inning, following the half-inning where Albert Pujols was hit in the hand. "It's baseball," the tweet said, implying that the Cardinals were right to bean our star after we hit theirs. No. No, no, no, no, no. First off, Albert Pujols was not intentionally hit in that situation. There were runners on, in a close game, and there was no reason to "send them a message" in that spot. He was accidentally hit by a pitch, it happens all the time.

But since the Cardinals think they have to be the "keepers of baseball", as Bill Schroeder of FSN Wisconsin so accurately described, they felt the need to retaliate. Not only did Cardinals pitcher Jason Motte try to retaliate and at first miss Braun, but he went after him again to make sure that he would hit him, and I have to agree with the sentiment that it was a bush league move. Look, even if my friend wants to still defend his case, you can't look at that occurrence as an isolated incident. This is the same Cardinals team that accused the Brewers of cheating earlier in the day, saying that the front office was tampering with the lights on the scoreboard. That's a new one. That's also in addition to the fact that the Brewers steal signs now apparently.
Again, this is the team that couldn't handle it when the Brewers untucked their shirts after a win in an homage to Mike Cameron's father. What a bunch of sissy fucks, to say it politely.

This budding rivalry though is going to make the games even that much better, especially because the two teams will be no strangers to each other as we move forward. When Yadier Molina gets ejected for arguing a call that was right down the middle, you know that this series and rivalry is only going to become more heated as the season moves on. I'm excited to be able to watch the game this afternoon, and hopefully watch the Brewers extend that lead back to 3 1/2 games.

Tony LaRussa
When not passed out at stop signs
He's being a bitch

POTG: Yuniesky Betancourt

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Brew Crew Haiku

Brewers 6, Cardinals 2

Throwing up the T
But a Brewers win brings what?
LaRussa bitching!

POTG: Nyjer Morgan

The Bucky Channel Fantasy Baseball Update

Well, my team has completely shit the bed, but let's have a look at the rest of our players who seem to know something.

Not much has fact, really, nothing has changed.

The standings are still as follows:

  1. Rochester, MN BADGERS_XII (Ray Richetta)
  2. NFDL Gweeds (Gweedo)
  3. Winks Drinks (NL)
  4. Straight Brims (Tony Brown)
  5. Madison Boats 'n Ho's (Anonymous a.k.a. The Smart One)
  6. Team Darkshner (Eddie Sheppard)
  7. YouGotThePoison IGotTheRemetee (Chad)
  8. A.M. Lumber (Tony Meidl)
  9. Turtle's Trollops (Turtle)
  10. The High Road (James)

As it stands now, the first round of the playoffs would pit Rocester, MN BADGERS_XII against Straight Brims and an epic battle with Winks Drinks squaring off against long time rival NFDL Gweeds.

Gweeds has still only made 5 waiver moves which is just ridiculous and better hope for the same come fantasy football time (hint: no chance in hell he'll be able to do that).

On a personal note, I'm really not a fan of the consolation playoffs. Who gives a damn who came in 5th?!? What are we, 12? Everyone gets a trophy!!! YAY! Fuck off ESPN, I know I suck, you don't have to rub it in.

Monday, August 1, 2011

How Are People Seriously Doubting Ted?

The New England Patriots get Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco. The Minnesota Vikings are welcoming Donovan McNabb to the Twin Cities. The Philadelphia Eagles got pretty much everyone else. The free agency period this year has been unlike any other, but one thing that hasn't changed is that Ted Thompson really hasn't gone out and signed anyone. He let a lot of guys walk as well - Cullen Jenkins, Nick Barnett, Brandon Jackson, Mark Tauscher, Justin Harrell, just to name a few - and that is causing some Packers fans to doubt the grey-haired genius. Please tell me that these doubts are nothing but a joke, because they surely can't be serious.

One of the more famous pieces that's Bill Simmons wrote was an article explaining how after your team wins a championship, they should be given a "five-year grace period". No matter what happens in the next half-decade, you should remember that your team actually did pull off the ultimate goal not too long ago. I think it's a good rule of thumb even if some Packers fans don't. In Wisconsin, the five-year grace period has dwindled down to five months.

To that I say, what the hell people! It's a blessing everyday that fans don't run the Packers, because there are some people who will still want to have Brett Favre taking the snaps instead of Aaron Rodgers. Who do you want the Packers to sign? Plaxico Burress? The only guy that I would have really wanted to see come to down was Nmadi (I learned how to spell his first name, haven't learned the last name yet off the top of my head), but the great thing about this Packers team is that we didn't necessarily need another cornerback, even if Nmadi is one of the best in the game. Ted Thompson, for the most part, builds his teams through draft and trades. It's not the most popular strategy, but it is a strategy that won him a Super Bowl title. Five fucking months ago.

For people to sit back and question Ted Thompson after he just went out and built a Super Bowl champion is asinine. Some of the people that are bitching are still those Favre-lovers, but you're never going to win them over so whatever. But there are others who have been pro Ted Thompson throughout his tenure that are turning on him now because of his lack of aggressiveness in free agency. I'm not sure if the rapid signings because of the lockout has made everyone go batshit crazy about this, but I can't believe how much panic I'm seeing in a fanbase that was blessed with the Lombardi trophy just a short time ago.

In Ted We Trust. If you don't follow that motto after a Super Bowl Championship, I fear you never will.

Free Agent Exodus All Part of the Plan (Cheesehead TV)
Jones, Kuhn Both Returning to Packers (Fox 11 WLUK)

Are you ready for some Fantasy Football?

No, not that kind...although...

I hinted at it on Facebook last week but now I'm officially rolling it out.

I assume our loyal readership would expect nothing less than a late, half-assed attempt at throwing something together and I hate to disappoint but the plans are in the works! My apologies to those fans of impromptu fantasy leagues.

We will be opening this up to any of you guys. We will be hosted by and as I, personally, have never used the site, the easiest way to go would be to use their default scoring system and then skewing the numbers each week to my favor.

We will be having a live online draft at a date which will be determined in the coming days. As always clothing will be optional and we hope to get a good number of you guys to participate.

Likewise, there will be prizes which will include a fresh off the presses The Bucky Channel t-shirt as well as some other stuff like soon-to-be expired coupons and perhaps some bread crusts. We're working on that part.

Anyhoo, if you're genuinely interested...or even if you're marginally interested, let us know either by email, facebook or twitter and we'll be sure to get your name on the list. As you may have guessed, it'll be first come, first served as these things tend to be, so the early bird gets the worm and other clichè bullshit.

More info to come so stay tuned!

A Healthy Six Game Winning Streak

Brewers 4, Astros 0

Randy Wolf on fire
Allows four hits in seven
Earns the easy win

POTG: Randy Wolf

Brewers 6, Astros 2

Four hits for Corey
Homers, along with Fielder
Win for Yovani

POTG: Yovani Gallardo

Brewers 5, Astros 4

My third game of year
Had great time, purchased a brat
Don't recall eating

POTG: Prince Fielder

Brewers Trade Deadline Breakdown and Weekend Catch Up (Reviewing the Brew)

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