Sunday, January 19, 2014

How to Spend Your Sundays Once Football is Over

Whether your team is in it or not, Championship Sunday is one of the best Sundays of the year. It's also a sad one, because this is going to be the last time you can really take a whole day to watch football until late next summer. We still have the Super Bowl of course, but that comes later in the evening and there is a whole day beforehand that you have to figure out what you're going to do with your life. You have to admit, the lack of pigskin is going to take some getting used to. For the last 20 plus weeks (and one more to come, an no, I do not count the Pro Bowl next week) we've been able to plop down on the couch and take in  9 plus hours of football before we head back to the treachery that is our worklife. And even though we're likely still on the couch all day, with the lack of football things just seem less... productive.  No team to root for, no fantasy scores to check, no pizza to order. So how do we spend our Sundays until the NFL is finally back? Let's go over some ideas.

* You knew it was coming, so let me say it first. Soccer! The EPL is in full swing, and even though I'm more of an MLS guy, good soccer is good soccer. Sure, you might have to get up a little earlier to watch the Premier League, but there used to be a time where not a single TV set in America could show the game outside of a few ethnic bars in New York City. If you are more of the MLS type, the league is in it's preseason soon and the season starts up again in March. Go Timbers.

* Speaking of hockey, NBC is pretty good at showing games on Sundays, as is the NBC Sports Network. Find more games on NHL Center Ice!

* Still want to have the buddies over? Poker tournaments are the way to go. My high school life saw me at a different friends house every weekend playing cards, and even though we mostly live in the same area to this day, the card tournaments are faded. Everytime we get together we say, "Let's play cards sometime!" and all agree to it, but then never do. This is my call to action - cards next weekend boys?

* Or... grab a good DVD set and go on a television watching binge. I'm in the middle of a "Fringe Binge" and in addition to that my wife and I just made a trade - I watch Dawson's Creek and she watches Lost. Yes, that's a lot of Joshua Jackson, but I'm a sucker for good teen dramedies.

Yeah... it's gonna be a long offseason.


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