Saturday, February 23, 2013

Online Sports Betting

Like we discussed last week in our post about how to spend your Sundays sans football, sports fans across America have been looking for other sporting outlets to watch and bet on. Today we think we have found the cure, or at least something to help kill the time until the men of the gridiron return.

Now that the Spring is upon us the next major sporting event we have set our sights on is March Madness. After March Madness we have the NHL and NBA playoffs, MLB action starts to heat up and then before you know it College Football and NFL pre-season returns! Ok, we admit that there are still some gaps in between then but to help make average sporting events worthwhile to watch is by having some skin in the game. This is when we start to bet on sports over the Internet at USA sportsbooks. Whether you have been taking part in online sports betting since you were in diapers, or if you have never tried it before, the first rule you need to remember is that it is not the number of bets you win or lose, but how much you bet each game.

Did you know that the Super Bowl in February and the Kentucky Derby in May are usually the two most bet on sports days in the year in the USA? Believe it. The Kentucky Derby typically has more bets placed on one day than any other single day sporting event. Yes, the Super Bowl gets more wagers placed on it overall when you include Super Bowl bets placed in the week prior leading up to the big game, but for single day wagering action Kentucky Derby Internet betting takes the cake for single day online betting by Americans. The 139th Kentucky Derby will take place Sunday, May 4th, 2013 at Churchill Downs, in Kentucky.

Now that we have got you salivating for some online sports betting action, now might be a good time to let you know where it is that most players from the U.S. place their online sports bets. How good of a reading date would this be if we didn’t leave you with a happy ending and let you know what our favorite online sports betting site is to bet on the Kentucky Derby, NFL, March Madness, and everything else in between? In a word, Bovada. In our view the Bovada Sportsbook has to be amongst one of the best wagering sites online and if you would like to continue reading then we suggest reading a review of the Bovada Casino which covers their signup bonus, deposit options, payout rules, betting selections, and player reviews from fellow bettors in your shoes. Regardless of whether you bet with Bovada, with a friend, mother, or dog, always be aware of your limit and bet within it. That includes other Public Service Announcement brought to you by the good folks at the Bucky Channel.


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Been lurking on your blog for some time :) My family and I recently moved to a two acre lot and got chickens a month ago; I also want to do aquaponics eventually. I very much want to pursue the ideals that you espouse, but it's hard given the debt we took on from school.
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