Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Steven Jackson Thing Feels Like That Josh Smith Thing

Are the Packers signing Steven Jackson or what? This feels like the day when I sat on Twitter for three plus hours waiting for the Bucks to pull the trigger on Josh Smith. Was it the best move that the Bucks could have made that day? Who knows. But it would have brought a level of excitement that had been sorely lacking around Milwaukee when it came to the Bucks. I wanted the Josh Smith trade to happen so bad. Not because I wanted Josh Smith, but I just wanted something to, I guess just happen.

I want something to happen again, only this time with the Packers. I want Steven Jackson. What else are the Packers going to do? Resign Cedric Benson? I'd be okay with that, but that doesn't seem likely. Sign Peyton Hillis? Um, pass. Let James Starks or Dujuan Harris carry the load? I like both of those guys, but not sure if they are feature backs. So yeah, you can do any one of those things, OR you could sign Steven Jackson and have a three man backfield of Starks, Harris, and Jackson.

When I say sign Jackson, I mean do it within the Ted Thompson rule of business. Never overpay for free agents. Reportedly, the Packers want Jackson on their financial terms, so hopefully they can make it work. I'm heading to bed on this Wednesday night thinking there is a chance I could wake up to the news that Steven Jackson is a Packer. Hell, Greg Jennings too for that matter.

But what will really happen?

There will be two contract signings tomorrow, sure.

Steven Jackson to the Falcons.

Greg Jennings to NCIS.


Pat Cobb said...

I love the idea of signing Jackson. He will surely change the overall game. The team will improve a lot with that talent, but I guess we have to keep wishing for that to happen.

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