Monday, November 2, 2009

That Didn't Take Long

Michael Redd hurt his knee Saturday night, and he'll now be out at least two weeks with an injury to the same knee that keep him out last year. Redd has been a great player for the Bucks, but he really needs to be more healthy to be a help to this team. His leadership, and experience from playing with Sam Cassell, Glenn Robinson, and Ray Allen helps this team a lot. He is really a hard guy to just get rid of, but if he can not play full seasons we are really over paying him.

What to do with him is a huge decision this team needs to make by the trade deadline this year. If he can not perform as a 30 minutes a game guy level he is not going to help this team. They are in a rebuilding stage, and can't afford to pay big bucks to a guy that is going to sit on the bench to play half the season. Mr. Redd you have been the main attraction to this team from the day the big three left town. You are a huge reason why this team has not been moved, because of how hard you play the game. I don't really want to say this, but it might be time we go our separate ways.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Bucky Five: I Have Nothing Left to Say

1. Done With Favre, Forever - I'll never get how people still like this guy and consider themselves Packers fans, but to each his own. Personally, I don't even care anymore. Everytime Favre comes on the screen, I'm filled with an enormous amount of hatred that I just can't even describe, not matter how many times I've tried to right about it. Favre loved the fact that he was booed today, with that little shit wink of his that he gave when he walked on the field. I think one of the worst things about this whole thing is that Favre has said nothing or done nothing to thank the Packers fans for all their support for the time he was here. Say something in your post-game interview, take out an ad in the paper, mention it once during a press conference, just say something. I still just don't understand how some people still love this guy so blindly after he's done nothing to acknowledge them in the last two years.

The biggest surprise to me of this game was actually something that Troy Aikman said, when he mentioned that maybe Favre didn't want to be a Packer anymore, and how that's something that's never really explored when talking about the whole saga. The Favre we see this year is nothing like the Favre that we had down the stretch. You listen to the announcers, all of a sudden this is a Favre that's mentoring the young guys and being a fantastic teammate? Where was that in Green Bay, when Greg Jennings said on PTI on Thursday that he had no off-field relationship with Favre? And don't even get me started on the shit he was trying to pull by making sure Jennings was okay there on the sideline late in the game. I guess I'll never understand this guy, but especially I'll never understand the people that still love him, when he gives you nothing back in return. I can't even handle this anymore, Favre got his two victories, so whatever. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm done.

2. Stupid Mistakes - The final score was 38-26, but it could have been a lot worse than that. The Vikings raced off to a 24-3 lead at halftime, and I thought for sure this was going to be a blowout. The Packers could have kept that in check earlier, but there were some stupid mistakes in that first half. Rodgers played like a moron until the second half, the line missed assignments, the defense made Percy Harvin into a star, and Johnny Jolly probably committed the worst penalty of the season which helped give the Vikings their first touchdown. Just dumb stuff right away.

3. Speaking of That First Half... - If this game would have been a blowout, I might have for the first time come out and publicly questioned Mike McCarthy as a coach. I'm still a McCarthy guy, but he's got to do a better job of getting the team ready for games like this. It's a playoff-type atmosphere, and you can't be coming out flat like they did. I'm not sure what he said at halftime, but that seemed to work. Jacking up your team thirty minutes earlier though might have put another notch in the win column instead of giving us our third loss of the season.

4. Spencer Havner - Here's a question for you. Is this guy worth a fantasy pickup? That's all. Discuss. Oh, and another random thing, how weird is it to see Ahman Green returning kicks?

5. Where Do We Go From Here - So the Vikings are a better team than us, they've proven that. And the NFC North is theirs to lose. So now we have to switch gears and focus on one of the two wild card spots on the line. We're going to have to be in contention with Chicago, Atlanta, Carolina, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, and the Giants. Two spots for all these teams, which isn't going to be easy. I'm still confident we have the squad that can pull it off, but things are not going to be easy. This was a big game, and losing it sets us back further than any other game would have this season. Favre or no Favre, this was a game we needed to win at home. As the tears streaming down my face would suggest, things didn't work out that way.

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