Sunday, April 26, 2009

Packers Draft Six More on Second Day

After having what I think was a brilliant first day at the 2009 NFL Draft, Ted Thompson and the Packers continued picking guys that you have to think will be role players and even stars on this team for years to come. If you haven't already realized, I am very biased about the Packers' 2009 draft, as I think it was one of Ted Thompson's finest hours. The haters may say what they want, and I'll answer them in kind on this week's Winks Thinks. Until then, let's review the day two picks.

Round 4, Pick 9 (109 overall) - T.J. Lang - OT - Eastern Michigan 

It was no secret that the Packers were going to go offensive lineman here, and Lang is a good pick. He's a good zone block, and a physical guy. Will at least compete for a starting job, if not the first lineman to be substituted.

Round 5, Pick 9 (145) - Quinn Johnson - FB - LSU

A former linebacker in the mold of Korey Hall, Quinn Johnson could very well kick Korey Hall off the team. At 6'1'', 246 lbs, he'll be a dominant force in the backfield. I do expect him to make the final roster.

Round 5, Pick 26 (162) - Jamon Meredith - OT - South Carolina

Meredith (pictured) is the guy that most Packer fans are talking about in regards to day two of our draft, as he's considered one of the draft's biggest sleepers. Can play either the guard or tackle position.

Round 6, Pick 9 (182) - Jarius Wynn - DE - Georgia 

Speculated to be an interior lineman in the 3-4 scheme, he at least adds some depth in training camp, and could contend for a roster spot.

Round 6, Pick 14 (187) - Brandon Underwood - CB - Cincinnati

The Packers are going to give it a try with another Underwood in the secondary (Marviel), as they get a guy who can play both corner and safety.

Round 7, Pick 9 (218) - Brad Jones - OLB - Colorado

Welcome to the special teams competition, Brad Jones!

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Bear said...

I actually think Johnson will be the running down starting fullback and be an awesome blocking tandem in the double fullback set with hall in goal line situations.

Anonymous said...

TT didn't just draft according to need, he made sure the players he got were very talented. BJ Raji & Clay Matthews Jr. are excellent picks & will make a big impact.

Sure the haters will cry about how we could have had Crabtree, but what good is a 80 yard TD pass from Rodgers to Crabtree with 2 minutes left in the 4th when you know that patchy defense is going to cough up the lead on the ensuing drive anyways? Rodgers will be fine with what he's got & that Pack defense just got a whole hell of a lot meaner.

CC said...

Teddy and I don't always agree on a lot of things, but he did a great job in this draft. WE needed help on Defense and I don't like Brady P at all. He's a meat head that would be a back up on a lot of teams, he's prob the odd man out. B.J. Raji is a stud and Matthews has NFL in his blood. The second day they addressed the O line which needs help. Ted didn't totally redeem himself but he's on the right track!

b2 said...

teds best moves:
07 draft-verdicts out on harrell
06 draft
05 draft
probably 08 draft
definitely 09 draft
drafting rodgers
trading favre
not overpaying for wahle/rivera
06 free agents (pickett, woodson)
undrafted/street free agents (bigby, tramon, etc)
trading a 6th for ryan grant

teds worst moves:
cutting tracy white
cutting jon ryan
maybe letting longwell and sharper go, but eh
not replacing wahle/rivera (o'dwyer, klemm)
marquand manuel

might be missing some, but i think hes won a lot more than hes lost

Unknown said...

TT needs to tell Pickett to lose 20 lbs so he can play end for us next year with Jenkins at the other end.

b2 said...

contract year for pickett (and kampman) so we'll see how the 3-4 treats em

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