Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Can't Think of Anything Good to Post Today

So let's go with this video I've been meaning to put up for some time. Jon Stewart ranting on the pointlessness of Twitter.

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Stock Lemon said...

We're telling you, twitter can help bring traffic to your blog. It's stupid but it's technology. It's going to keep changing. Even dumber things are going to pop up, and you can either embrace them and use them for your benefit or get left behind.

All we did was set up an automatic feed and we never even have to look at our twitter page. Blog posts update on there automatically, and our followers can follow the link. Just get an account and think of it as an RSS feed that the media is shoving down everyones throats to use.

And thanks for the link on Sports Bubbler!

Jonk said...

I added a Twitter for my blog in early March. My traffic has actually gone down in the last two months. Hmm.

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