Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Reason to Watch the Bucks Tonight

Now that the Brewers season has started, I know a lot of you have put the Milwaukee Bucks on the backburner, especially since their playoff chances are shot. However, I give you a very important reason to care about the Bucks and Hawks game tonight: Who's going to win The Bucky Channel's Bucks Player of the Game contest?

Yes, it's an arbitrary reason, but at least it's something. Currently in the standings, Charlie Villanueva and Richard Jefferson are tied in the lead with 17. With only four games left, Ramon Sessions is out of the running, as he is currently in 3rd with 12. This is a big deal people, and it will definitely play a role in the second annual Bucks Survivor (oh yeah, that's happening).

Bucks play the Hawks tonight at 7:00. Not on TV, though. Darn.


Anonymous said...

You should give the rest of the TBC players of the game to the the fans. The people that are going to these games and throwing away money like the shit grows on trees.

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