Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is the Song That Never Ends...

Confused because he hasn't been in the spotlight for the last two months, Brett Favre decided that he was done playing second fiddle to Jay Cutler as Bus Cook's most douchey client and found another way to get his name in the papers. That's right, even though he is retired, Brett Favre has asked the Jets for an official release, and they have granted it.

Apparently, this isn't the first time Favre has made the request, but the Jets were smart to just get rid of the baggage. For example, if their first-round pick Mark Sanchez struggles in training camp, the calls for Brett Favre to come back may be loud and clear. True, they'd probably be from Brett Favre himself, but they'd still be heard. The Jets decided that they didn't want to see what happened in Green Bay last summer happen in New York, and they let him go. Can't blame them for that.

But the question remains: Why did Favre want to be released in the first place? If he is truly retired, who cares who has you under contract? Clearly, Favre must be thinking about doing something, but I'm not sure what that something is. I am praying that it something more along the lines of accepting a coaching job with Eric Mangini and the Browns, rather than it being something like him trying to make yet another comeback.

The few diehard Favre fans that are left are already buying Vikings seasons tickets, but I really don't see that happening. Favre is done, even though he might change his mind mentally, he doesn't have it physically anymore. We saw that happen last December with the Jets. If Favre would play again, it would have to be as a mentor to a young quarterback in a situation where he'd maybe see a few snaps, but you and I both know that would never happen. His ego wouldn't fit on the sidelines.

The most far out possibility of he asked for his release? Railbird Central brings it up by asking Ted Thompson to sign Favre to a one-day contract so that he can retire with the Packers. They say that now that everyone loves Ted, how great would it be for him to bring back Brett and repair the main reason people still hate him? 

Believe it or not, of all the scenarios I just mentioned, that's the one I want to see happen the least.

Favre's days as a Packer are over. At least for now. Sure, his number will be retired and he's earned a spot on the Ring of Honor, but the wounds are too fresh for Favre to come back to Green Bay. It's not that I'm not over what happened last year, it's just at this point I don't care about him anymore. And I don't want to see him come back under any circumstances until long after the Rodgers and Thompson era are over. 

I'm sure many of you that hated Favre last summer have already forgiven him, or have already moved on, but I haven't. Favre's theatrics last summer exposed his true self, and destroyed the image of a man I spent my childhood worshipping. If it was a guy of lesser importance, I'm probably over it by now, but this was Brett Favre were talking about here. This was the guy who, outside of my parents, was my hero. 

Now? He's just a washed up quarterback doing anything to remain in the spotlight, no matter what the cost.

Nothing heroic about that.


Jonk said...

Bus Cook: "Brett wants to retire as a Packer"

b2 said...

don't let him sign a one day. he's already had two retirement press conferences, one with us. don't give him another. even if the one day signing doesn't come with a presser, which it would, screw him. don't even retire his number. my hate for this guy will never retire.

Anonymous said...

I bet he has figured out it makes financial sense to make peace with Wisconsin and retire a Packer. Lots of retirement money to be made in this state IF he can restore his formerly good name. I doubt he will be able to pull that off anytime soon though.

Bear said...

i was going to say, Bus cook has reported saying Favre wants to retire a packer. Either way, this should be done and the over with.

TZar said...

I love Favre posts. They get everyone in a frenzy. You should devote atleast one column a week to ripping Favre.

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