Thursday, April 16, 2009

Riske Headed to The List

Clearly I mean the disabled list, by oh my god do you remember that show "The List" that aired on VH1 like 35 years ago? What a random thing to be reminded of today. Anyway, not to get too off topic here, but David Riske is heading to the 15-day disabled list, with a tight right elbow. Lefty reliever R.J. Swindle will take his place on the ballclub.

Remember last year when Jeff Suppan was sent to the DL, even though we all knew he wasn't hurt that badly, if at all? That might be what's happening here. Riske is kind of the Jeff Suppan of the bullpen, as in he would have been cut before the season started if he wasn't making more than his counterparts. Riske isn't terrible, it's just that he's not overly effective in key situations. I don't trust the guy when he comes out there, do you?

As for Swindle, Tommy Haudricourt notes that Swindle was called up likely because he was already on the 40-man roster, and he can help against the left-handed bats of our next two opponents, New York and Philadelphia (I realize I just said "our" when referring to the Brewers. It's something I do often, and don't see a problem with it, however it was a big point of contention in this week's Winks Thinks. You can bet I'll have something to say about that next week).

Swindle's time on the club could be short-lived however, as Trevor Hoffman is expected back next weekend (finally).


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