Monday, April 13, 2009

So the NHL Playoffs Start This Week...

I saw a blurb on a website this afternoon, declaring that the NHL was holding some sort of competition to decide on who the best team for the season would be. Apparently, this contest is going to be held throughout the next couple of months and will culminate with one team rejoicing with a giant cup-like trophy. It sounds interesting, but I can't get behind a league where the best team is in San Jose and the league's playoff games are broadcast on what used to be The Outdoor Life network. 

In fact, I doubt that I will watch more than thirty seconds of the entire Stanley Cup playoffs, unless my eyes freeze open while I'm sitting at a bar. As I've stated before, hockey just doesn't do it for me. Mainly because I have no one to root for, but also because I can't get behind a sport that is "so much better live than on television". Also, the fact that it's boring and uninteresting doesn't do much for me either.

Now, if you're really looking for something exciting to watch to, I have the perfect thing for you. Three hours of wrestling greatness with the annual WWE Draft, tonight on WWE Raw. 8/7 central on USA! (My obsession will wrestling will end soon I'm sure, but please bear with me as I go through this stage in my life).


Anonymous said...

No one cares about hockey either. Hence there being no comments or bitching about this post.

b2 said...

is that travis diener?

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