Monday, April 20, 2009

Bucks Survivor: Episode 2

Bucks Survivor is off to another successful start, unless your name is Dan Gadzuric. For the second year in a row, Danny Gadz is voted off within the first two rounds. Maybe our new GM can take this as a hint, but I don't think you're going to see Gadzuric out of Buckstown until that contract expires. So make sure you come back here a year from now and vote Gadz out early again.

The Results: Team Awvee won the Player of the Game contest, so they were able to avoid Tribal Counsel. Richard Jefferson won immunity from Team Storey, and he missed an intense voting process. Every one on the block got at least one vote, but in the end it was down to two bodies that, for the most part, go wasted on the bench because their play does not match their ridiculous salaries. In the end though, the results surprised no one. The vote totals:

Dan Gadzuric - 17 votes (43 percent)
Damon Jones - 10 
Keith Bogans - 4 
Luke Ridnour - 3
Malik Allen - 2
Francisco Elson - 2
Michael Redd - 1

This Week: With Dan Gadzuric sent out of Milwaukee, both teams now have an equal number of players with seven. What better way to decide which team is more valuable than to judge them by how many times their players have started games this season? This challenge puts all factors at play - contributions, injuries, lengivity. Whichever team has the most average starts per player will win.

Team Awvee: Joe Alexander (0), Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (52), Ramon Sessions (39), Andrew Bogut (33), Salim Stoudamire (0), Charlie Villanueva (47), Charlie Bell (23)

Team Storey: Keith Bogans (0), Malik Allen (3), Francisco Elson (23), Richard Jefferson (82), Michael Redd (32), Damon Jones (0), Luke Ridnour (50)

Results: This is pretty remarkable. Team Awvee, even though they have a guy that didn't even technically suit up for the Bucks this season, wins the contest by a score of 27.714 starts per player, barely edging out Team Storey's 27.143 starts per player. The difference maker was the 26 starts the veterans lost with Dan Gadzuric, as opposed to the zero they got from Damon Jones. Also, despite the fact that Bogans started 15 games for Orlando this season, only his time with the Bucks was considered, as this is not Magic Survivor. 

It might be a little unfair for Team Storey, but they're headed to Tribal for the second straight week. Personally, I smell doom for the Buck that considers himself to be a very good friend of Terrell Owens.

Richard Jefferson has once again deservedly won the immunity.

Your Turn: Voting can be done on the top of the page, and the results will be posted sometime Thursday afternoon. Tell your friends about this one, Damon Jones' life depends on it.


b2 said...

come on people, really? I know everyone hates on redd, and hes way overpaid, but hes still one of our better players. youd rather go to war with damon jones or malik allen? really?

Gweedo said...

damon jones number one fan on the team. why vote for him.

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