Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Packers Schedule Finally Released

The downside about having a network that is exclusive to one league is that they can be so strapped for programming in the offseason that something like the releasing of the schedule is turned into an event. But that's what we have today, and now we finally know what the Packers 2009 schedule will be. Highlights include the opening weekend game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football, two matchups on Monday Night Football, a Thanksgiving Day contest against the Detroit Lions, and the season finale in Arizona (see you there). Here's the schedule:

Week 1 - Sunday, Sept. 13th - vs. Chicago Bears - 7:20pm (NBC)

Week 2 - Sunday, Sept. 20th - vs. Cincinnati Bengals - Noon (CBS)

Week 3 - Sunday, Sept. 27th - at St. Louis Rams - Noon (FOX)

Week 4 - Monday, Oct. 5th - at Minnesota Vikings - 7:30pm (ESPN)

Week 5 - Bye Week

Week 6 - Sunday, Oct. 18th - vs. Detroit Lions - Noon (FOX)

Week 7 - Sunday, Oct. 25th - at Cleveland Browns - Noon (FOX)

Week 8 - Sunday, Nov. 1st - vs. Minnesota Vikings - Noon (FOX)

Week 9 - Sunday, Nov. 8th - at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Noon (FOX)

Week 10 - Sunday, Nov. 15th - vs. Dallas Cowboys - 3:15pm (FOX)

Week 11 - Sunday, Nov. 22th - vs. San Francisco 49ers - Noon (FOX)

Week 12 - Thursday, Nov. 26th - at Detroit Lions - 11:30am (FOX)

Week 13 - Monday, Dec. 7th - vs. Baltimore Ravens - 7:30pm (ESPN)

Week 14 - Sunday, Dec. 13th - at Chicago Bears - Noon (FOX)

Week 15 - Sunday, Dec. 20th - at Pittsburgh Steelers - Noon (FOX)

Week 16 - Sunday, Dec. 27th - vs. Seattle Seahawks - Noon (FOX)

Week 17 - Sunday, Jan. 3rd - at Arizona Cardinals - 3:15pm (FOX)

So the Packers open the season at home with a pair of games, but also get two December home games. They close the Lambeau season against the Seahawks, who will come to Lambeau for the 47th time in 3 years it seems. And how much is going to be on the line against the Cardinals that final week in Arizona? I can't wait.


Jonk said...

I'm a fan of this schedule.

Unfortunately, Chicago and Minnesota appear to have it fairly easy, too.

b2 said...

i think i heard that the nfc north has the three easiest schedules based off of last years records, which has a lot to do with an 0-32 on the board. nfc west helps too.

Chad said...

The Bucky Channel is coming to AZ?!

We gotta get trashed or something!

Jonk said...

Who went 0-32?

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