Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bucks Survivor: Round Three

The Results: While it was close right away between Damon Jones and, yes, Michael Redd, the Damon Jones haters came out in full force on Tuesday and Wednesday and made sure he would be the second Buck voted off this year's Bucks Survivor. Jones was put on the block because his team, Team Storey, lost their second contest in a row, as their average games started was just a few tenths of a percent behind Team Awvee. You were a great cheerleader and a reason this team even had any life and character at all, but it's time for you to go. Damon Jones, the tribe has spoken.

Damon Jones - 21 votes (50 percent)
Michael Redd - 8
Malik Allen - 8
Francisco Elson - 2
Keith Bogans - 2
Luke Ridnour - 1

This Week: One of the problems that plagued the Bucks this season was their inability to score, especially after Michael Redd went down with an injury. So, as we move forward, we're going to need scorers. The team with the highest scoring average will be safe, while the other team will be heading to tribal counsel. Will Team Storey be back for the third week in a row, or will a member from Team Awvee finally be put up for elimination?

Team Awvee: Alexander (4.7), Mbah a Moute (7.2), Sessions (12.4), Bogut (11.7), Stoudamire (0.0), Bell (8.4), Villanueva (16.2)

Team Storey: Allen (3.2), Bogans (6.0), Ridnour (9.6), Elson (3.4), Redd (21.2), Jefferson (19.2)

Results: The fact that Salim Stoudamire is on the Bucks roster but didn't play in any games last year was going to catch up with Team Awvee eventually, and it did here. Between their seven players, their scoring average is 8.7 ppg, while Team Storey did a little better with a 10.4 ppg between their six. That means Team Awvee will be heading to tribal counsel for the first time this season. With his 16.2 points per game, Charlie Villanueva wins immunity for the week.

Voting: This should be old hat to you guys by now. You can vote for which Buck you'd like to see get voted off Bucks Survivor at the top right of the blog. The voting will be open until Monday, when a new contest will be given to the Bucks. Good luck, and happy voting.

Archives: Check out all of this year's game as well as last year's at the Bucks Survivor Archive Page.


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