Monday, April 27, 2009

Bucks Survivor: Round Four

Results: Despite an effort to rig the competition to give Salim Stoudamire the victory in this year's Bucks Survivor, the man who played zero minutes for the Bucks in 2008-2009 has finally been voted off the island. Even though I like him, and think he'll contribute to the team next year, he was screwing up all the averages in the contests because he had zero stats from the previous season. Maybe I shouldn't have even included him in the contest, but Bucks Survivor is a democracy, not a tyranny. But thankfully you guys voted him off. Not to say he didn't have some competition...

Salim Stoudamire - 23 votes (50 percent)
Joe Alexander - 14 
Charlie Bell - 7
Ramon Sessions - 2
Andrew Bogut - 0 
Luc Richard Mbah a Moute - 0 

Joe Alexander did make it interesting for awhile, but he lives to see another day. Charlie Bell could be a sleeper in this contest, and I personally think it will come down to Bogut vs. Mbah a Moute for the finals. What can I say, Bucks fans appreciate defense. Mbah a Moute also has earned the coveted Brew Hoop endorsement, so we'll see how much that factors into play in the coming weeks. 

This Week: While the last year saw a lot of teams trying to shed cap room in the NBA to become more fiscally sound, one of the teams that have no chance in doing that is the Milwaukee Bucks. Hijacked by some of the worst contracts in sports, the Bucks aren't going to have a good amount of cap space to sign free agents or extend rookie contracts for a long time. To celebrate this handcuff, this week's contest will be based on salary cap numbers from the past season. The team that is cheaper and allows the Bucks for more cap flexibility will win the week, the other will be put on the block (with the cheapest contract receiving immunity).

Team Awvee: Alexander ($2,403,120), Mbah a Moute ($757,000), Sessions ($711,517), Bogut ($6,294,306), Bell ($3,348,000), Villanueva ($3,448,050)

Team Storey: Allen ($1,300,000), Bogans ($2,911,600), Ridnour ($6,500,000), Elson ($1,700,000), Redd ($15,780,000), Jefferson ($13,200,000)

Results: Maybe it's a little unfair for the veterans to go up against the rookies because of the way the contracts work in the NBA, but I don't think that is the case with this Bucks team. I don't think any Bucks veteran on Team Storey is deserving to make as much money as they are, while many guys on Team Awvee are vastly underpaid. Team Storey is making an average of $6,898,600 per player, which is more than the highest paid player on Team Awvee (average of $2,826,999. Sorry, Team Awvee, but you're back on the block. However, Malik Allen, with the cheapest contract, gets the much needed immunity medallion.

Voting: Kick off one of these underachievers by voting in the poll located at the top right of this blog. After you do that, call up five of your friends and tell them how awesome Bucks Survivor is, and get them voting! 


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vote ridnour

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i never read this column ... i just like looking at the logo. sometimes i look at it for hours

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